Signed - 2023 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum AWD $52,660 MSRP - $8,814 One Pay - Effective $490/month, 18/10K Florida

2023 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum AWD
Signed: 1/31/2023
MSRP: $52660
Selling Price: $48,218 (8.4 % off)
One Pay: $8814
Effective Monthly: $490
Term: 18 Months
10K Miles per year

I signed this deal on 1/31/2023.

I spent a week sending emails with my offer to every Nissan dealer in Florida that had the vehicle I wanted in stock (Platinum AWD Sliver with Black interior). It was a massive challenge to find a Nissan dealer in Florida willing to discount and do a One Pay lease with Multiple Security Deposits.
I structured my offer based on what leasehackr Brokers were offering at the time for the same vehicle.

I found one dealer in South Florida that was willing to accept my offer and do a One Pay.
This was the first time the dealership had ever done a One Pay. It took them 3 hours to figure it out while I was there to sign. I really give them a lot of credit for trying and getting it done.

This vehicle is amazing. Nissan really did a phenomenal job with the redesign. The ride, fit and finish is incredible. If you are in the market for an SUV I highly suggest you look at the Pathfinder. You really get a lot for the money compared to the competition.

Leasehacker Calculator Link:


Nicely done just on this point alone!


Yes. It was a challenge and a struggle. I learned a lot about Florida dealers from this experience.

I tried for 2 weeks in central FL and then just took the path of least resistance and went with a broker🤪. I enjoy the hunt as much as the next LHer, but more and more I just want the easy way😝


Congrats on the new ride!

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I explored using a leasehackr broker but the shipping cost really hurt the numbers. If there was a broker with a Florida or Southern Nissan dealer it would have been a no brainer and money very well spent!

Did you do the MSDs? Your LH Calculator does not show them.

Just making sure I don’t miss something. Thanks….

No MSD’s. This was only a One Pay lease.

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congrats! who did you get this from? I’ve been calling every dealer in FL.

Well done, especially for FL. But where are our photos? :face_with_monocle:


Congrats. Especially in Florida. Here in Miami all dealers are horrible and all sharks. Glad you got one done in state.

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Just got it tinted and washed.


congrats, nice job in Florida .I tried with no luck, you do not mind to share the dealer name ?


Congrats on the new ride man! Looks :fire:

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Silver is generally towards the bottom of my list for colors, but I think that looks great. The tint really highlights the vehicle imo.

Side note- I got up close to one of these for the first time today. They are larger than I had expected. Not too large, just caught me off guard. I think it’s because this new design really helps with slimming the pathfinder down vs the bloated previous gen…

Silver is actually my preferred color. It looks cleaner and does not get as hot as darker colors.

Tint is a necessity in Florida. I also get the windshield tinted to keep the heat out.

I have been really impressed with the redesign and interior space.
In my opinion the Pathfinder is a very underrated SUV.

My local Nissan dealer had an Ariya to demo. I took it for a test drive and was really impressed. It may be my next hack when my Pathfinder lease is up. Nissan has definitely stepped up their game.

I found the same thing especially on the shorter 18 mo leases

@Jake7 Jake, thank you! I got a Murano Platinum, about $50k msrp for $559 per month for 18 months, just paying the first months payment at signing. I did not do the one pay.

Great deal, super duper easy.

Local dealer in south florida and negotiated pricing with sales manager before I can in. The sales manager gets it and gets us hackers.

The deal was better that what the brokers could do, and I also qualified for loyalty as we have a Nissan in the family. Plus, I did not have to pay for shipping which would have affected the numbers significantly on an 18 month lease.

Happy wife now!

If you want me to make intro to sales manager in south florida, just Dm me.

Thank you

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Are Nissan 1 Pays through Nissan Dealers and Nissan Financial?

Any I recall seeing here…yes. NMAC (Nissan Motor Credit Acceptance Corp).