SIGNED: 2023 Nissan Frontier CC SV 4x4 $39K MSRP $276+tax $980 DAS

Hello Fellow Leashackr,

Trying to buy some time on my leasing habits so went with the Frontier deal since nothing else would satisfy my quest for a good deal :grimacing:

2023 Nissan Frontier CC SV 4x4 w/Tech Package and Bedliner
MSRP: $39620
Sell price: $38620 (2.26% off MSRP)
RV - 98%
MF - 0.00319
Monthly - $276 + LA county = $303
DAS - Reg + 1st month = $981

Was first going to with a CC S 4x4 since it would have been a bit cheaper, but discovered it doesn’t have power mirrors (2023 with no power mirrors or manual control…come on Nissan :man_facepalming:). Contacted over 20+ dealers all over CA, most would drop market adjustments, but wanted to charge for accessories and deal at MSRP. Tried to do a one-pay, but although most dealers initially said yes, said no when time came. AH, found one dealer who first said yes to one-pay with no accessories and a $500 discount then backed out. Then I asked for a $2k discount to make the numbers match to one-pay, but they wouldn’t, instead they made it up with a $1K discount + free maintenance (yay! for a one free oil change) if I did a regular lease, so I took it. They said unfortunately they can’t replicate this same deal. I think with some work the hackers here can probably beat my numbers. If you don’t want to do the work, you can get something close from @Clutch - thanks for your initial help.


I don’t understand why dealers won’t participate in OnePay

Was that signed in Oct? Todays is Nov 1st and programs could have changed

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Yes, yesterday Oct 31st

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Dealer said there is an added cost to the dealer to do this and get setup for it…they need additional software… blah blah blah… could be some BS

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One of the dealers I spoke with clearly had no idea, said he never did it and wasn’t willing to learn how. :man_facepalming:t2:

Having the same issue, negotiated to under MSRP last week and then they tried to do OnePay. They took days saying they need to fix the platform, and eventually came back today saying they can’t do it. I hate Nissan stores. Reached out to a few others and they also said no OnePay…such a pain!!

I haven’t been in the leasing world in a couple years - are we really working with 98% RV’s?

How much less would this deal have been on a 1 pay?

hey! what dealership was this at in Los Angeles? I am going to ask them to match the deal.

Around $1k with their original discount, but since they discounted further, it will send up costing me around $500 more over 18 mo

I asked, and they asked me not to share their name as they wont be able to match the deal.

Does sharing their zip code count? :joy:

They are in orange county :grimacing:

Just picked one up and the dealer delivered to my house. A lot nicer than i thought it would be. Msrp 41,410, sales price 39,969, rv 98, mf .00334 18/10 lease. First payment of 323 due at signing and 17 more payments after that. 2023 sv crew cab 4x4 midnight edition. No one pay allowed like others have said.


Where are you located?

Ohio. These deals are all about the money factor. Finding a dealer not marking up the money factor is key.

Im looking for one in ohio. Who is the dealer?

Mears Nissan Canton.

Slol, you did well. I’m in LA county, I’m 0 for 6 on dealers refusing even to meet the Nissan advertised special, which you beat by $60/month. Surprised by how little they are willing to budge, will keep at it