SIGNED: 2023 KIA EV6 GT (MSRP: 61818 - 24/10k) Pre Tax: $280/mo $0 DAS

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Great deal! Congrats!

I’ll take it too!

Congrats man! could you send me the lease doc asap :slight_smile: have a dealer who wants to see it to get my deal in too!


Would appreciate also receiving a copy of your contract. Thank you.

Lmao OP pls just upload the contract to SIGNED! so these people can stop spamming you

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None of you need a copy of the contract. All you’re doing is putting yourself and others at a detriment. Negotiate using the numbers posted

Edit: Or just hire a broker


@jbrag hacked the last 2023 EV6 GT from the specific dealership. MSRP was $61,818… time for the LH swarm to spam all East Coast Kia dealers lol.

Here you go guys:


Lol this guy is putting the brag in jbrag. Nice hack man.

Too bad Asheville doesn’t have any more 2023 EV6

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I wish a 60k EV9 would lease this cheap :smiling_face_with_tear:


Of course GT line only.

MVP so much easier w/ this in hand

This is a good deal. The best quote I got for a 2023 Kia Ev6 GT is $398 per month in and around Charlotte.

Big Thanks to the OP, I just Signed one of these in Michigan. Was able to replicate this deal, slightly better. I got a white one with an MSRP of $63,815. $0 out of pocket, not even the first month at signing. Payment with tax is $303 per month for the 10k/ 24 month.


Anyone able to score this in the west coast?

If you find one close lmk I’m interested as well.

Sorry, I cant give out the dealer info, they requested I don’t. I just emailed them the terms that the OP received and they called me back saying that they can make the deal.

I’ve emailed a bunch of dealers in CA and AZ, so far they’ve all said no. One offered $399/mon with just the first months payment at signing but nothing close to the $299 w/tax. A lot of them also don’t do out of state leases (I’m based in NV)

Important to note that there was a $12,700 trade-in that’s factored into it.

Negative, he said dealer used flex cash to get to $12,700 incentives… on a 2023 kia ev6 gt kia gives you $11.5k incentives for this month.