Signed: 2023 EQS 450 Sedan 4matic $1119 DAS / $447mt ($485 w/tax)

24mts 7500 miles/yr $1119 DAS / $485mt Auto Ins. $175 month
This is my very 1st Lease. My current car a 2010 Buick Lacrosse i’ve had 13yrs but she only has 70,000 miles. I refuse to part ways with her.

For this 2023 EQS Sedan I worked with a dealer out of Mississippi (not my home state) who drove the car to my home. Deal completed and car delivered in 24hrs.

Thanks LeaseHackers,You don’t know how much this means to me. I almost shed a tear sitting in this beautiful car listening to my favorite song.
I am the Frugal Queen and this is my biggest deal thus far.


Congrats, well done!!! Enjoy in good health. Post more pics :sunglasses:

Congrats on the new :red_car:

Congratulations. Is this new unit?

Can you PM dealer info please

Why not use this info to work on your own deal? Lots of data points below.

Congrats!! 2020

As nice as the now-infamous baseboards are, take some pics outside late in the day.

Here are some pics…


I just posted some more pics.

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Same here, dealer i talked to say this deal in the $500 for this car does not exist even with MSD.

Which dealer did you use ?
I am looking for one as well except an suv.

Please note that the April program lost at least $5k of March madness money so to replicate any deal from March will be extremely difficult.

That’s fine
I am about to lease a 2023 loaner with 5000 miles on it
970 a month
Sign and drive
1000 at signing
MSRP 115,000
36 /10

Wouldnt it make sense to get new for that payment?

Not sure where You are located but brokers here i think offer a little bit better deals

1050 a month new

Btw. Lucid offers some great deals lately. Did you check it?