Signed: 2023 Audi Q5 Sportback Prem+


Just signed the below and interested in your thoughts

Audi Q5 Sportback Premium Plus
$58.25k MSRP
7% off MSRP pre incentive
64% residual
.00176 MF
Fees and small Down Payment
$750 Penfed


Since you already signed the deal, it does not really matter what we think. If this is the best deal you were able to get after talking to multiple dealers and comparing their numbers against broker deals, then there is nothing else for me to add

Enjoy your new car and post pictures.


First time negotiating on my own so was just curious if I did well on it

Could have pushed for 10% off but 7% is good too. Bit too rich for my taste for Q5 but to each their own! Enjoy the ride!

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Is that base MF? Did you confirm this info on the Edmunds Forum?

Yup base MF from edmunds

It’s decent. Should have pushed for bigger discount, upwards to 10%, and adding MSDs would have shaved another $40. But this is definitely better compared to some other Q5 deal checks that floated around here in the last month or so. Good call on Sportback trim, did you want it originally or went with it just for better program?

Congrats and enjoy in good health. And post some nice pics in

Thanks I tried for 10% which is what a lot of the brokers are showing but they are all in the NE so when I factored in broker fee and shipping the 7% ended up being pretty close to their cost.

I preferred the sportback and the better programs pushed it over the edge


Nice suv. You got any side or ass shots?

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I think ass shots are extra $$

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There ya go… much better.

Looks good :+1: congrats !

Enjoy it! Looks nice.

This is in New York City.