Signed: 2023 Ariya Evolve+ e-4orce 18m/10 96/month 0DAS

Snagged a 2023 Ariya Evolve+ from an Arizona dealer. Registering the vehicle in CA.

Took a good amount of reaching out to dealerships to get anyone to agree to anything over 10% off MSRP but here we are.

MSRP: 56270
Sales Price (Included some dealer add-ons): 49465 (12% off MSRP)
Rebates: 15840
Doc Fee: 504
Registration Fees: 1032
Acquisition: 695

LH Calculator:


Congrats thats really good, wish we had this on east coast. I need something like this under 100 lol for a beater


What is the rebate breakdown?

The usual

7500 nissan
3300 18mo incentive
2000 Customer Cash
2000 Summer Cash
1000 Loyalty

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Amazing deal, well done.

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Did you reach out to all dealers within 300 miles radius? LOL
Loyalty is making this deal crazy.
Still plenty of 23MY waiting…

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I have loyalty, do i need a 4th car not really but if i find one for 100 with 1k or under DAS. Ill go for it. It would be nice a different car everyday

More debt is better, end of year.
Cash sucks
Debt is king :joy:


Man you guys are trouble. Im trying to get a second one now🤣

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Group buy? lets shake dealer down

Whats your numbers


I sure did! :smile:

Just started, gonna shoot for the moon!

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If your in the northeast, theres a dealer in rockland county nissan dealer with good amount in stock

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Good amount of what? Evolve?

They are all 2024s though

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Good catch, we gotta find something $100 month with 1k DAS


Yes, let me know if you find anything please

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What is summer cash and customer cash in rebates of $16k? Does customer cash means down payment

It’s 2000 Ariya Customer Bonus Cash. All rebates are from Nissan. I didn’t add any of my own money.

Hi awesome dea! While you’re doing negotiations with different dealership do you apply to NMAC or do you wait until you find a dealership with the right numbers and then apply?