Signed: 2022 Nissan Leaf SV w/tech - $2800 due at signing, $85 per month (18m/10k) Oklahoma

Picked up a Nissan Leaf SV this weekend.
18 month/10k per year
$85 per month
$2844 (Taxes, Title, License ($1610), Doc Fee ($399), Acq $650, First Month $85, $100 security deposit)
$2100 lease cash from Nissan USA.

Pretty happy with the deal, these cars are so insanely hard to find, I couldn’t pass on it. They had a $1300 addendum on it as well which I negotiated down a bit, so it could’ve been even cheaper.



Great deal! Can you share numbers on calculator? Did you get any incentives to get the payment so low assuming if it was msrp deal.

This is without the Deposit ($100). Nissan is doing $2100 lease cash in my state, not sure if it’s going on everywhere right now.

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Awesome, the incentive makes a big difference. I’m in IL and there is no incentives. With msrp deal I’m at $345 with first month at signing.

Omg how did you do that with gas prices where they are (demand should be higher). That’s a hell of a deal at the best of times.

How high are your fees and taxes? If I take that calculator, zero out the incentive, adjust the gov fee to a more common $400, and add 7% tax, it still comes to $290/$290 at msrp.

They had the fees around 520, they’re always way high and I’m sure I’ll get $200 back from the DMV. Our taxes are weird here in OK. They do 3.25% tax on leases, but you pay tax on the full amount, so it was like 1080 for taxes and like 520 for licensing.

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Sorry should’ve been more specific the trim level was an s plus with msrp of $33.990. 8% tax, title and reg $451, doc fee $359. Tried to get at least few hundred off msrp but they wouldn’t budge.

yeah, same here mostly. They had a $1300 add on for tint, nitrogen, floor mats, wheel locks. I hate those but not alot of options here. They knocked off like $600 off it to make a deal, the dealership was dead so I’m sure it was good to move one. They said after we were done they had like 5 out of state dealers calling for it.

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I’m confused, sorry first post but had to bc I don’t understand. Have a dealer here offering me MSRP and the $2100 lease cash, but even with that it’s not coming in under $300/mo. Even the Nissan website lease calc isn’t showing under that… is that MF and resid correct as listed in the calc link?

So you’re saying….you could have come out of this with $1,500 OOP and $85/mo?

Rate markup max with NMAC is 100bps or ~2.4%.

What’s your tax rate and how is it due?

$600 off to make the deal???

Meanwhile they could have unloaded this car anywhere in the US for many many more thousands… something doesn’t fit this equation.

As a dealer trade….

Fill out an LH calculator with your offer and post it here if you want assistance. I couldn’t get it OVER $300/mo at msrp.

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90% residual, .00022 residual in oklahoma. It’s 100% possible.

No, taxes and fees would’ve been the same almost, but the monthly payment could’ve went down for sure…

Idk if dealer I’m working with is dumb or they are marking it up. Dealer put 0.00022 MF on the sheet but in their monthly payment, it’s implying 0.0022 :grimacing:

yeah thats wrong. Make sure they fix it. In fact, if you did 5 MSD’s, you can get the MF to .00002 - however my dealer didnt know anything about it and I didnt feel like arguing about it.

What is buy rate?