Signed: 2022 Nissan Leaf SV - $1261 due at signing, $79 per month (18m/10k) Eastern PA

Started looking for Leaf after the deal posted by (/u/mackie1604)

Picked up yesterday night.
Nissan Leaf SV
18 month/10k per year
$79 per month including taxes(PA 9%)
$1261.47 ( Doc Fee ($422), Acquisition Fee $650, Title Fees (189.47))
$2100 lease cash from Nissan USA.

Will get $750 EV rebate from PA (leases qualify for rebate apparently)

Already received $250 EVgo credit email.

No other extras from dealership added to the cost other than floor mats, first aid kit which came from factory.

Put a deposit on 10 days ago and was delivered to dealership yesterday. Timing worked out great.


Great deal. Love the color!

Can you post your calculator? MSRP deal?

MSRP deal.

calculator isnt matching exactly but here it is: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

Damn, actually a really nice color!

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Great deal… can it be replicated?

there is nothing out of ordinary in this, you just need to find a dealer who is willing to lease at MSRP, everything else is standard. can easily replicate.

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I should’ve been more clear. I meant, did this dealer have more? Thanks

ha, no. this dealer was 90 miles away from me, this one was the only one that had an incoming SV that wasn’t spoken for. everyone else is pre-selling them or adding market adjustment values.

look in, expand your search and start texting them. you will find one.


Congrats! How did you activate the $250 EVgo credit? Does the dealer have to do anything or can you just download the app to claim it? Thanks!

You get an email overnight from “Nissan Energy Perks by EVgo”

Is there a phone number on that email I can call?

I just checked my inbox/spam and haven’t gotten it. Also checked online and my region is included but maybe my dealer isn’t a participant. Doesn’t hurt to ask I guess!

no phone # in that email but after signing up, this phone # was in the confirmation email.


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Ok cool I’ll try giving them a call, appreciate it!

Good idea not to do zero drive off. Potentially able to extend lease for lower payments

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When I had my Leaf, the dealer just put some random email for the contact info so I never got anything, I called the Energy Perks program or whatever and that’s how I found out they used some random email I’ve never heard of. I called the program before I got the car and they told me to wait a month and contact them if I never got an email, after the confusion, they set me up and just put the credits on my existing EVGo account, since the start timer of the credit is one year from the date you get your car, I asked them to comp me for the previous charges I did in that month (roughly $25) and they did in addition to my $250.

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That’s awesome, I’m glad they were able to get it sorted it out for you. I’ll probably just end up waiting the 30 days since I barely use public charging anyways but it’ll be good to have for emergencies haha

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Nice color! Congrats!

Can you still get the $7500 incentive on these?

Through today. I don’t think anyone knows if it’s being extended.