Signed: 2022 Nissan Leaf SV - $1261 due at signing, $79 per month (18m/10k) Eastern PA

if you are referring to fed tax credit $7500 then no, you do not get that credit on a lease.

NMAC leash cash $2100 expires today. We do not know what comes tomorrow.

Dumb question? Do you just ask if they are selling them at msrp?

Yes, that’s how I started my search.

Has anyone got the “$500 - Nissan Conditional Offer - April-May Retail Owner Communication Program” and used as well? Wonder how to get this incentive.

Has anyone been able to duplicate this in socal?

The programs have changed this month. This deal will not be able to be replicated unless you get a massive discount off MSRP, which will likely not happen

Remember to file ASAP, funds go quickly, and it’s valid for 6 months.

Good to know, thanks! I was looking for something cheap until I got the model y I ordered.

I see in OP calc the res value is 90% :grinning:. has that changed too? what will be the numbers for this month, anyone know?

It has. Check with forums on

I see. Close to 81% now.

With current incentives, MF and RV, it will be close to $300 per month. Better wait for another time.

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Here in NorCal. Called around today.

18 month RV is 81%, 24 month is 79%
Sales guy said base rate MF is 0.00057. Don’t know if I believe him.
Lease cash incentive 1300.
They are all marking up 2500-4K in my local area.

Program has changed and RV dropped by a lot. You won’t find same deal now.

Might be the sweet spot for April

Did not realize you got one last month. I was calling dealers nearby. :laughing:

I just did one in SoCal, but was not able to get it at MSRP. I can’t say that I did an exhaustive search because we wanted something inexpensive and asap. If I had had more time, maybe I could have found something closer to MSRP, but I paid $1800 over. We got an SV with Tech Package (we specifically shopped for one with the Tech Package), and the only other “stuff” they added was splash guards, floor mats, and the first aid kit. MSRP of $31,785, $1000 DAS, payments of $168.62 + tax.

Edit: Deal was negotiated in March, and the dealer held the March program for me even though the vehicle didn’t arrive until 4/8.