SIGNED: 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS450+ AMG High MSRP @ $656.25 per month, $1,750 DAS

I have read plenty of LH threads before, but excited to share my own deal! It is not as majestic as the others I have seen here, but the particular vehicle was just so beautiful and numbers worked in a great way that I had to jump! When the EQS first came out, I played with the configurator and made an identical build. To have it in my garage now was something that makes me incredibly happy. Never thought I would own an S-Class-equivalent vehicle in my early 20s, but here we are!

MANUFAKTUR Cardinal Red, AMG Line Exterior, AMG Neva Grey Interior, Yacht Design Trim, 21" AMG Wheels, Winter Package, Rapid Heating Seats.

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS450+

MSRP: $117,005
Selling Price (Pre-Incentives): $94,000 (19.7% off)
Selling Price (Post-Incentives): $83,000 (29.1% off)
Incentives: $7,500 EQ Lease Bonus Cash (taxed), $3,500 PenFed (untaxed)

MF: .00104 (one-pay)
MSD: $0
Residual: 63%
Term: 24 months/10,000 miles per year

Acquisition Fee: $1,095 (rolled-in)
Doc Fee: $299 (rolled-in)
Registration & IL fees+taxes: $1750.00 (rolled-in)

Drive-Off Amount: $17,500 one pay lease
Monthly Payment: $656.25 per month pre tax, $729.17 post tax

I did go with the one-pay route since I do not want to deal with a monthly payment on my credit, since I am looking at buying a house in the next 12 months. Yes I am aware of the risk, but would prefer one less monthly payment to deal with anyway. I did do the math on keeping the funds in a HYSA and AutoPay from there, but felt like an unnecessary hassle and I am happy to play the gamble.

A couple weeks ago, I was looking to close on a Taycan (non-lease), but the EQS had a soft spot in my heart despite not being as sporty. On the 400 mile drive back home, I could not be happier that this is my new daily driver. I would like to thank @HersheySweet for replying to my DMs and giving me pointers on my first lease!



Was this the loaner in MO I saw? Congrats!


yep, it sure is. Numbers finalized on Friday. Flew out of ORD to their little airport on Saturday morning, back home by the night! Free EA charging made the roadtrip hassle-free.


The frenzy continues! How many miles were on this one?

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My man! Congrats! Dare I say it looks good in Red!

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~7600 miles. GM had it as his daily before his EQS SUV demo arrived was the story. I’m sure it was a fleet loaner in its time at the dealer as well.

It sure pops. Most people agree the EQS is not the sleekest looking vehicle, but in this color with the AMG wheels and lighter color interior makes the car feel absolutely majestic! Red seems to be the rarest color for an EQS as well, increasing garage appeal.

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Nice! The loaners on the west coast are hard to come by. I picked up a new one this weekend for 27% off MSRP (including incentives), but it’s not as fully loaded as yours!!!

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Congratulations, and what a wonderful color! I am also elated to see another young Leasehackr take delivery of one of these beauties. In terms of being able to afford this car in my early 20s, I feel the exact same way as you do.



Nice job. If this is the dealer I think it was, I texted back and forth with them for a couple of days a few weeks ago on this loaner. Ultimately, couldn’t get them lower than 26% all in.

Congrats on the ride. Enjoy it in good health!

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Don’t they still pull your credit for one pay? Should be an easy explanation for the bank but was curious.

This is stellar mate. Yours is well loaded, so the higher payment makes total sense (remember the incentives don’t scale up with increasing MSRP).

Did not realize you can do one pay , thats even better.

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Not worried about the hard pull. More worried about the monthly payment being there for next 24 months, which could impact D/I ratio.

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I guess the calculator doesn’t show one-pay option anymore.

Dealer never got back to me on this one, but my favorite spec of the ones I was looking at by far! The red paint, the white interior, the yacht wood trim all just go together perfectly. Congrats and enjoy!


GT steering wheel!

Jason Clarke GIF

Enjoy it!

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Not sure where you are located, but they did not play ball with me until I made it clear I am in IL, will take a flight the next day to come get it. Seemed flaky until I sent them an AA reservation that I am on my way. Everything was seamless from there, besides long wait at dealer for their finance guy to free up.

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Nicely done. I like the spec on this

Hows the autonomous driving? Steering, braking, lane change ?

My wife is an LO and believes that even if you do a one pay, they hit you for the lease term/loan amount.

Can anyone else confirm/deny?