SIGNED: 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+ $14448 OnePay ($627/mo effective) 24/7.5

Bit the bullet on a EQS. I shopped around for 3-4 weeks with various dealers in the SoCal area. I told myself that I wouldn’t settle. If I couldn’t find a stellar deal, I would just keep my existing car. Looks like today was my lucky day. Pinged a random dealer about a new 2022 EQS 450+ on their lot. It was a sexy build: Cardinal Red, AMG Exterior, Exclusive Trim, HUD, 21" AMG rims, and some other stuff

MSRP: $114580
Selling Price: $95970
Term/mileage: 24mo, 7500mi/yr
Incentives: $7500 lease cash, $3500 Preferred Employer Program, $1500 EQ Conquest
Residual: 67%
MF: 0.00184 (buy-rate, but 0.00104 after OnePay)
Markups: Acq up to $1095 (from $795)
Drive off: $14448 (OnePay)

The acq. markup kinda negated the benefits of the MF reduction, but it’s nice not having a car payment. After this sale, dealer ran out of 2022s and asked not to be named as they consider this a unique deal.


Congrats! One of the more unique builds

Stellar deal! I was looking at a very similar car at Rusnak but decided to steer clear after they disclosed the history.

Well done! How many LHers did you have to beat up for this?


Nice I wanted this one called last night and told it was sold

For comparative reference------

Yesterday I was quoted on a similar car at a different dealer across the country from you and was given a $36,000 one pay :slight_smile:


Probably buy one get two free

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You have passed on so many of these that I think you are just chasing the thrill haha.


I just haven’t found “the one” if you know what I mean…

Actually, that’s not 100% true as I did find two “the ones”, but got scooped (fair and square) on one of them, and then passed the other along to a friend who is now enjoying it.

But that’s the beauty of this game. There’s always another one, or something else. I just never get too hung up on any individual car or deal of the moment… it will change and we will be onto the next thing🤪


Haha not if you get this thing. No exit at all from what I have seen but hey if you have a huge driveway, may as well fill it out.

Long story about this one.

I posted the deal on the EQS superthread in the morning, but left out details. Agreed plan was to come in during the weekend to seal the deal and I would get an extra $1K off. Apparently, there was enough info (there’s not a lot of 2022s with an exact MSRP of $114580 LOL) for people to start flooding the dealer with leads.

About 4 hours later dealer says I need to come over ASAP or the car will be sold. First-come, first-served. And because of the demand, they can’t offer the $1K. So I drop everything and make the drive two hours down to the dealer to find out not only do I not get the $1K, but also…

  1. I must drive the car home today (CA law apparently)
  2. I cannot put the entire OnePay on a credit card ($5K max)
  3. The acq. fee is marked up

That said, I won the race. The sales guy ended up driving the EQS over to my house and Ubering back. I was a bit hesitant to do the deal, but given all my other quotes at pretty much EVERY other dealer on a 2022 or 2023 was between $720 to $1600, I figured to bite the bullet.

My first official act is to drive it over to CarMax and see what they will offer, for shits and giggles.


I meant if a deal doesnt work out on an EQS…I dont really care. There will be another sweetheart car at some point. Thats just how this LH game goes. A given car is a “flash” for a few weeks/months and then something else as compelling arises…and then we rinse and repeat. Thats part of what makes it fun.

Certain cars (like this one in particular) are slightly less compelling due to the lack of transferability, so one has to figure that into the equation. (The Nissans with the sky high RVs are another).

You just proved one aspect of the LH effect.
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Congrats on the ride! The red looked better than I thought. I saw it sitting there for awhile but that dealer usually doesn’t give out good deals. Kudos to you for reaching out and securing it! That’s a good deal on a $114k MSRP.

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This is the main factor holding me back. I tend to exit when I find a shiny new toy. And I think there will be a lot of shiny new toys available in the near future.

Why not 13 months? Perfect term for compulsive leasehackrs.

I wouldn’t say “bite the bullet”. You got a great deal that the majority of the people on this website have been aiming for.

13 months is an eternity. :sunglasses: I’m on my 7th car in the past 16 months… 3rd car in the past 3 weeks. And I’m considering trading in my current car that is one week old.

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You should just Turo to scratch your itch.


When are your friends and family holding the intervention?? Lol