Signed: 2022 LR Defender 110S - MSRP $68,185 - 33/10 - $782/mo - $2868 DAS

Year, Make, Model: 2022 LR Defender 110s (White Contrast Roof, Panoramic Roof, Family Pack Plus, Air Suspension)
MSRP: $68,185
Selling Price: $68,185
Monthly Payment: $782
Drive-Off Amount: $2868 (Fees and NJ Taxes)
MSDs: None
Months: 33
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00128
Residual: 72%
Region: NJ

Huge Shout out to Matt @mattevan for sharing this deal. I hate going or even chatting with dealers for a well known reasons and I was shocked and even not believing for moment that it is true that Dealership sales person was not trying any shenanigans and everything was as discussed at MSRP and without MF bump in current market conditions.

I was not looking specifically for Defender, but felt in love with style/color combo and capabilities. Few minor things that I don’t like: 1) Semi-electric seats without memory. This is overlook on my side, there is so many options and configurations on website, I overlooked this somehow. 2) Clear Sight camera is really cool, but this few inches of fin sticking on roof doesn’t allow me to fit it in garage.

Took delivery on Friday and immediately got it to more natural Defender habitat :slight_smile:


Beautiful truck. Congrats.

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My mission to flood LH with Defenders continues!

Love the truck my friend. Enjoy it in the best of health and good fortune.


Congrats on the truck and great deal! I loved the test drive and styling, really impressed with the 4cyl turbo engine.
I would have been reaching out to Matt as well if we decided to move forward with a Defender. Dealer was marking these up $10k then adding additional mandatory ceramic coat pkg for another $3k. Ridiculous. I can’t believe its allowed.

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Awesome news!

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Beautiful car and great deal, hopefully car can last the term :joy:

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Is it possible to lower the suspension in the settings to make it fit?

Is this dealer doing last minute deals? How long for orders?

I might just jump in today - seems reasonable especially if they can do 1-2% discount on a order

Any others in stock

Actually a decent idea to try. @Rodriges in the settings menu, try enabling “access height” option?

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Until you change it back and forget about it entering the garage lol


Defender orders are prob Feb at this point

No reason to wait and risk to save a point if you can get sticker today


I think I tried that actually on lowest settings :frowning: Need some hack, to lower it even further. I know guys were doing something like that with Audi’s Air Suspension

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Good deal my friend! My 4xe order hasn’t seen any update since Jun/14 so I’ve been looking around LR dealers in SoCal for the Defenders. All of them are asking $10k-$15k markup!

The only way to get MSRP was to place an order (4-6 months out) this dealer said. I don’t know if you’d be able to get any discount at all given current market conditions, but good luck!

Seriously I need this deal on something in SoCal as well lol. Let me know what you find!!

Nice color!

Can you post a LH calculator link?

You think that’s appropriate to say to somebody who just got a new car?
Try “Congrats, use it in good health.”

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@Rodriges Does it come with free maintenance during the lease?

No, but they have only 1 service at 20k miles or 2 years – whichever comes first

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I can’t match it exactly, in calculator I got a bit more DAS, but a bit less payment

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