Signed: 2022 Jeep GC 4xe MSRP 78,490 39/10k $705/mo. I think I got ripped?


You mean like “8 glasses of water a day”?

I have been leasing for a long time. No fleeces only sharp deals. However my thought is among the public at large, most leases are fleeces. The people here know their stuff and I am no expert. But I have sought out the deals and have no loyalty to any one company. For a local dealer you lease a car and you are coming back in 24-39 months to return the car and hopefully lease another. People that buy new cars typically are not coming back to buy another for a while. Yet every time I am about to turn in the car its the same games on pricing etc. BS stuff from the dealer. But I cut through all of it. I wont go to a dealer on the grind and be stuck there. I have zero time for that. I run two companies. I wish you found these forums before the dog and pony show. How many rings did the finance guy have? Usually its 8. The last time I negotiated a deal the salesman said punch in my credit stuff online again on their website. I do that. Within 5 mins I was called by hard sell sharks from the dealer. I said I already have a salesman. Would you beive that weekend i got several more calls. Plenty of people want leases and have crap credit.