Signed: 2022 Jeep GC 4xe MSRP 78,490 39/10k $705/mo. I think I got ripped?


Evening everyone. I have only recently learned of this forum, and unfortunately did not have very much time to familiarize myself with the ins/outs of leasing. I owned a truck that was not allowed in a neighborhood I was moving to, so I needed to find something that was a good deal. I thought I found it, until I got home and did further research and believe the dealership pulled one over on me. If someone can verify for me that is handy with this stuff, that would be great. But ultimately, I think they applied a MF equivalent to a 10.5% APR. Considering my FICO is 800, I have never paid such a high interest rate, and didn’t realize it while I was going through the paperwork.

Breakdown of the deal is as such.
2022 Jeep GC 4xe with MSRP of $78490
In the deal, manager reflected a little more than 12%
With the 12500 in local rebates. When it was all written out, it was done differently with rebates equaling 18100 and the vehicle value being 73953.
I also had a trade negotiated to 65000 trade in with 59650(est) pay off.

So I admittedly did not know what to look out for at contract signing. I am used to purchasing vehicles, and the price agreed upon is what shows up, then apr gets discussed in finance office. Well since there was no apr to discuss, I thought I was good to go. Well reviewing the contract now, I see a 45,524.20 residual value, which did not sit right with me considering the 21,935 in cap cost reduction. That on top of the payments 705*39 = 27,495. Basically the difference between MSRP and that combined amount is 16,646 - all of the fees and such.

(They did have this ridiculous dealer package for 3K that they add on, but through negotiations I obtained more for trade and discount to cover that cost)

So ultimately, I think I got a terrible deal. And if that is indeed true, I am going to do what I can to make it right, or make it known they are in the business of doing such. They seem to pride themselves on such wonderful customer service and integrity. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Attached is first 2 pages of lease agreement with non pertinent information redacted.
Lease page1-2.pdf (717.9 KB)

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Constructive posts would be appreciated.

If someone could provide what the proper payment should be all things considered.

I would assume this is a Summit Reserve given the MSRP?

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Dude, you got a new car.

The only question is whether you love the car or not. The deal is done. You’re not going to like some of the the responses you see here.

More than likely, if you got a bad deal, you’re going to be kicking yourself more for asking people here to rate your deal


Gc 4xe leases fall off a cliff when youre looking at the overland/summit/sr trim levels, so that doesnt help.

Your mf is ridiculous because this is a standard rate ally lease. Basically they show a ton of incentives to dangle a carrot in front of you, but then make it all up in the ridiculous mf.

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Correct. They had no Overlands.

Gotcha, so the MF/APR has nothing to do with your credit.

Even so, standard rebates were 12,500 and his so called discount was 12% ish. He just reworked it as all rebates and noncash credits.

Can you pay off and buy out cash or with credit union financing ? Someone refresh I know it’s hard to impossible to trade but what about lessee buyout ?

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Yeah, I know. But when you have a reputable dealer do such things, they tend to care a little more about their perceived reputation. And at the very least, I know that it is a terrible deal, and to never do business with them again.

It’s all foreign to me, so that is why I ask for input. I like to learn from my mistakes.

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Hmm, MF has a lot to do with credit! I love the Summit Reserve, unfortunately, I live in an area that taxes the total selling price. Some pics would be nice.

The listed Purchase option is their Residual Value of 45524 and I am not doing that.

Ally says you have to pay that plus the lease term which is 78385 total (including my trade in money)

You should keep shopping at the dealer they didn’t do anything wrong. They made money, it’s a business and they didn’t treat you badly or dishonestly. The problem lies in your knowledge of the vehicle and terms of its lease.


True. No argument with my lack of knowledge in that department. But I also have close to perfect credit and was setup with an APR 2x what I would use in purchasing. Yes, ultimately I signed it and it was my responsibility. Unfortunately I was on a time crunch and had little time to figure it out.

And no, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to that dealer if this is how they do business. Basically all the “discounts”, rebates, and trade meant absolutely 0. That is not good business practice. The problem with places like this, and that practice, is that yes you will get one over on people, but you will lose one for life at the same time.

I’m not sure what your question is. There is no such thing as a proper payment.

Think of it like buying a house. There’s no proper price. The thing gets sold when what a buyer is willing to pay matches what a seller is willing to accept.

The only takeaway is that you need to start earlier, take more time, and do more research. This deal, you just chalk it up to the price paid for the convenience/lack of time. Move on and enjoy the new ride.


For whatever it’s worth at this point, you should never agree to pay any kind of dealer prep fee. That’s almost $1,000 dollars or around 25 dollars a month right there. The cost of prepping the vehicle for customer delivery is built into the destination fee, which is part of the charges that are on your window sticker.

Well for instance, when I use CCAP lease price configuration, it shows in the ballpark of low to mid 500s, but I’m not sure if that dealer site tool actually includes all information that goes into it.

So by proper price, I mean what would’ve been a “good” deal that someone with knowledge would have accepted/jumped on.

Yeah that’s just what they label their dealer fee. Down here in Florida there are very few dealers that don’t charge a dealer fee period. And generally those are “we don’t negotiate prices.” Some dealers here charge 1000-1200 dealer plus 600-800 “doc fees”.

Being a SR your payment would be low 600s imo if you got a normal deal