Signed: 2022 Grand Cherokee 4XE - MSRP $63,955 - $454/Month 24/10 Sign & Drive


in woodstock IL

they’re telling me MF is .00068 and RV 58%

You’re not going to come even remotely close to a decent deal on that if this is where you started.

It looks weird cause it is. There’s a lot baked in here that would take a lot of mental gymnastics to figure out. The $20,000 down option is :rofl:


the dealer said:

With this lease for the 36m 15k the residual is 54% and the money factor is 0.00392. this is through Ally bank the same lease through Chrysler Capital is worse for a 36 month lease

You should do a 24 month or 39 month on these

Yeah, an MF like that is never going to deliver a hack.

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Putting the leasing bank aside, you’re never going to get close to one of these kinds of deals with a dealer that is offering you zero dealer discount. You should aim for a pre-incentive selling price somewhere between $62,821 and $60,795 on that MSRP.

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“May be adjusted” not will be adjusted because the dealer “may” try to pull a fast one and charge the base lower residual for 10k miles like they did on my offer?

Are you sure they’re not adding back in $3k in addons to get that $7k off?

That’s a lie unless Ally allows you to buy it out immediately. CCAP is always the lowest cost option.

@Darren_Simpson How in the world did you get a deal like that man? Please take 5 mins and explain. I’ve been on the hunt for 2 weeks and can’t get the SoCal dealers to come down from $600/month w/ $1500 down. I would really really appreciate the tactic and strategy used to speak with the dealers and the calculations you did there to come with this amazing find/ buy for you wife.

Congratulations on this great deal! Please kindly DM or share.

OP is based out in FL with higher incentives. You won’t be able to replicate this in CA. You just have to negotiate a better discount off MSRP even at buy rate.


Same boat, been getting assclown dealers offer $750/month… they do a discount of 8% from MSRP then add $5K dealer add ons, making it a wash. Also, why are Jeep sales people so stupid?


I think they are playing games, they think all customers are stupid and not educated … LOL

They sent me this:

I told them that they are scamming their customers.


Pics of the new ride!


Because most buyers are stupid lol. They wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work.

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