Signed! 2022 Frontier Crew Cab S 4×4

My Tundra lease is up in two months and my local dealer just happened to have a crew cab s frontier in a color I liked so I snapped it up! Besides manual seats, mirrors, and steel wheels being minor annoyances, it is a really great truck with a lot of very nice features for a base model. Definitely no regrets for the price it will do nicely until the full size market comes back to reality. Deal I got was $34975 .00227 mf 99% residual came out to 252 a month first month due at signing. Would have been around 240 If I would have transferred my old plates. Really an awesome buy!!


Congrats, welcome to the Frontier club. Share a breakdown of your deal if you can so others can understand the factors that got you to your price point like your tax rate, doc fees etc.


I’m honestly digging the front end of this truck, I think plasti-dipping the steel wheels would go a long way


@Laker Yes that’s the plan! I agree I actually really like all the plain black stuff especially on this color.

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Has any one actually sat in this truck and the latest Tacoma Double cab? Which is most comfortable? Which has the most space?

@wantingadeal I didn’t care because you won’t touch a Tacoma for this price lol


I hated steel wheels :unamused: and plast-dipping was totally worth it for me


Why not just buy some used wheels from a different Nissan that are nicer? Assuming tbey make them.

When I sell my base tacos I usually tell my buyers that care about the wheels you can always find off-road and sport wheels on Facebook market place fkr $300. People that upgrade wheels and tires also sell them cheap there…

I didn’t look long but…


Good point,it is great to have options. I’m pretty happy with blacked out steel rims. That was easy DIY, the wheels stayed on the entire time.

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Looks sharp. How much does something like this cost?

Cool thought you had it done professionally which def costs more then just grabbing a used set.

I bought a few cans of plastidip and tire shine to save time on masking for $30.


Awesome, I’m gonna look to get mind done.

Plastidip on a leased vehicle? Can it be removed at turn-in?

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Plastidip peels right off


Good look. I never understood why automakers feel the need to be so punitive about base styled steel wheels vs throwing an easy cheap coat of gray or black paint on them.

Because it adds up. They’ll probably sell several million of these worldwide over the course of this generation.

Besides, amenities don’t always get “deleted” just to save on cost. They’re often withheld as a way to upsell higher trims.

I get all of that. My point (IMO) was more that it’s overly punitive.

Not quite as bad as withholding apple CarPlay or something, but along those lines.

Another thing to consider is that the perception of value varies dramatically from person to person.

CarPlay isn’t worth $0.05 to me, and I would rather have an extra $1 in the bank than a sunroof in my car. (I know that I’m in the minority on both of these.)

Also, having a basic entry-level trim with most of the unnecessary features/costs wrung out allows the manufacturer to advertise a vehicle as “starting at $X.”

Its 100% done to shame “cheap” customers into picking a vehicle with more options. Why does a Honda CR-V LX come with poverty spec wheels and black mirrors?