SIGNED! 2022 Chevy Bolt EV $14k!

2022 Chevy Bolt Base with driver confidence package and safety package

MSRP: $33,830
Sale Price: : $33,830
Chevy rebates: $9,750 (5,000 for 2022 models, 3,750 for lease loyalty, 1,000 for family and friends discount)
Non-Chevy Rebates: $9,500 (7,500 Federal, 2,000 California)
Lease Disposition fee cancelation from prior lease $500

This totals to a reduced price of $14,580 not including the $500 EVGo credit that Chevy provides.

How’d I do?


Why you asking how you did :joy:

You damn well know.


Is GM passing 7500 tax credit on lease? Or is this a purchase/finance and your stating 7500 credit as what you will claim in 2024 at time of filing taxes?

Great deal.

Do you actually have to drive it?


I’ve seen some pretty insane one pays a few clicks away so I’m pretty sure someone will be able to beat it.

This is a Purchase not a lease.

We have 2 of them. Absolutely love this vehicle for how practical and zippy they are.

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You stole an entire Bolt for about the cost of a lease. Congratulations and enjoy! Post some pics of your Bolt stable


SHEEEESH :fire::fire::fire: nice work

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Doesn’t the lease loyalty credit require you to lease a Bolt? Or do you get a $3750 discount on a new purchase because you previously leased?

Can you share which dealership? Thanks!

This was Guarenty Chevy in Santa Ana but I believe I took their last 2022. Doesn’t hurt to ask though, reach out to Eduardo.


3750 lease loyalty is big. CA rebate helps, but have to be under the income cap, which is kinda low considering California.

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The only way to get $3750 is if you ground your current Bolt lease?

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It’s also a good way to prevent forest fires.


cool! good stuff

Nevermind the bolts let’s hear about the C8!

Argh, I was told that was only if you leased a new vehicle. You were able to get lease loyalty on purchases?

got that for MSRP after a year wait, 2023 model!

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