SIGNED! 2022 Chevy Bolt EV $14k!

Didn’t think that loyalty credit would transfer to a purchase either till the dealer confirmed that it did

Did you have to terminate an existing lease to get that $3750 lease loyalty ?
That is what my dealer is telling me.
Do I understand that correctly?

Agreed. This is what Trish has been telling us since summer. Need to ground the Bolt lease.


This is what the dealer sent me:


Could someone remind me what are the current requirements to qualify for these?
I’m guessing for Federal it would be earn less than $150k/300k in 2023.
For California rebate it depends upon 2022 earning and is at $135k/$200k?

By “grounding the lease”, instead of returning the old bolt lease, does selling the bolt back to the dealer as a trade in (to capture positive equity) count for this 3750 loyalty incentive?

Should be the same thing, but check with your dealership.

I’d be surprised if your old Bolt did have equity.


Those are the CVRP income limits, but you need to confirm you meet all the eligibility criteria

For Federal: if you lease there are no income caps, if you purchase there are.


Nice work! How much is your monthly payment? How much did you put down (if any)?

We put 5k down on a credit car, we pay about 380 a month on a 60 month term.

First off - congratulations on the great deal, you did really well!!

Though i must say, I find it hard (read: upsetting) reading about “unicorn” deals like this because they just make me feel like a fool who must be doing something wrong, because I can’t find anything close to that! :slight_smile: Most Chevy Bolts and Bolt EUV’s I see at dealerships within 200 miles of me are marked up by up to $10k…it’s bonkers.

Cars are still just way too expensive these days, and I don’t know how the average American is managing (…that is if they even are buying new cars)

Congrats again though!

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Just the more desirable ones.

Plenty of ICE cars sitting on lots with thousands off MSRP with price range from $20’s to $100K+.

Incredible deal! Congratulations

Game recognize game!
Nice one!

Why did they charge you for lease disposition fee?

All Chevy leases normally charge a disposition fee when you turn your old lease in, since we bought a new chevy vehicle, the lease disposition fee on our old one was removed, effectively discounting the vehicle for us.

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Turns out this deal is only worth it if you are close to the end of your lease contract.
I am 13 months out till end of my lease contract and when I wanted to pay cash for a 2022 EUV while trading in my 2020 bolt EV lease, they would ding me for 13 months x monthly lease amount.

Aka: not worth it (in my case).
@SoCalLeaser was there at the right time it seems.
Golden deal for him, not easy to recreate for others.

I was about 2 days out from my lease expiring and had no intention of purchasing. they just happened to have one arrive off the truck

Confirmed then - $3750 requires lease termination which is what we all wanted to know.