SIGNED: 2022 BMW X3 M40i

2022 BMW X3 M40i (Build) already scheduled for production.

MSRP $61,040
Discount $3,662.40
Selling Price $57,377.60
Residual .56
Money Factor .93
Loyalty $500
Drive off $2591
Monthly payment with tax $780


So 5% off msrp is the new normal these days? I got a 19 i might turn in the lease but at these prices wow.


What’s the est delivery date?

That’s a hot deal on an X3 right now.


Guh. I hate the current market.


Mistyped the numbers, I’ve corrected it. It’s actually 6% off msrp.

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Delivery date is mid November.

Im going to California Lol!

That’s a decent deal considering the current market. Congrats!!

I’m highly considering X3M myself.


Great deal, just sharing another data point. I actually just signed 2 purchases for the 2022 x3’s this past weekend in norcal. One for a friend, black x30i 50xxx msrp, 9% off msrp, not including additional $1000 OL and $500 loyalty rebate. I also got one for the wife, a gray m40i, 10% off msrp, not including additional the same $1500 rebates. Both cars ended up being ~12-13% off. This is a huge YMMV though as one dealer only sold me one at that price as a courtesy being a repeat customer and the other stated prices are going back up monday (today).


That’s a great deal. I don’t know how you did it during these rough times to get a discount like you did.

Wow! I’m paying $5 more per month (w tax) for X3M comp and wondering what kind of market conditions i’ll be facing in 18 months.
Good luck with your new car anyways! Great choice!


Tristate best I’ve seen is around 3-4% off msrp, those are great deals

Would love to know if any such deal is available in NYC area? Best I have seen is 5% off.

All of these dealers are in NJ/ PA area. 5% off is $2500 saving for me. But broker fee of $500, doc fee of $700 and delivery fee of $199 (unless I collect it) practically eat up most of those savings.

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Care to share how you pulled this off?

I ordered my first X5 M50i about 2-3 weeks ago. I got 3% off from a broker on this website. Cant wait for delivery!


I know times are crazy but I cannot abide people drooling over 5% off on a BMW.

No Way Friday GIF


5% is the new 12-15% when virtually all dealers are over MSRP and balking at the mere mention of a discount.


I know and I can’t abide that. I am grateful I got my new lease in may 2020. Dealers are going to milk this as long as they can. Autonation announced another record quarter, thier stock went up 10% in 1 day.

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Awesome car! Congrats.