Signed: 2019 A5 Sportback 54k MSRP 463 mo 36/15

I just want to thank the community here so much. I’ve been following on and off for almost two years now. I tried so hard to get an S60 T6 R with no luck (PNW is tough). Ended up going back to Audi. And yes, I know I could of had a 3 series for less… And sure, someone will post their 300 dollar A6 next, lol. I drove the Alfa, C300, 3 Series, etc. and just loved the look and drive of the A5 SB.

Audi is known for terrible leases, but with the mid-cycle refresh of the A4/A5 due in the next couple of months, the timing was perfect.

Also, coming from Audi I love how they now give you a cheat sheet on all the error codes you can expect :rofl:

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019, Audi, A5 Sportback P+
MSRP: $54,265
Monthly Payment: $463.19
Drive-Off Amount: $4200 w/$1900 MSD & $999 AudiCare
Annual Mileage:15,000
MF:.00121 (less with MSD)
Residual: 55% (w/1% AudiCare bump)
Incentives: 4,750 (1,500 MSRP Reduction, 750 Rebate and 2,500 Market Allowance)
Region: PNW !!!
Leasehackr Score: 8 something - depends on how you calculate the 1,500 MSRP Reduction
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Beautiful car, enjoy in good health!

Wow, the sport back leases have gotten much better since they were first released.

That’s because a heavy refresh is coming in a few months.

How long was this vehicle in their inventory do you know?

Just over 3 months. This dealer is getting another allocation of 2019s, so I speculate they were looking to burn off as much of the old inventory as they could.


Between, what’s up with PNW and Volvo T6s? Don’t they sell well in PNW?

I’m not exactly sure. Best offer I got was around 10% off. I reached out to nearly every dealer, including some in Northern California. I may have been too picky wanting a T6 or T8 R-Design. Not sure how the Momentums or Inscriptions are doing.

hi. did you work this out yourself, or did you go through a broker? i wouldn’t mind a similar deal :slight_smile:

Did the deal myself, not many brokers in the PNW.

That means there’s a pile of them in the port or built units with no home