SIGNED: 2021 Toyota Highlander XLE AWD - $315/month including RI tax - Only 1st Month and 9 MSDs Down

First post, the contract they gave me didn’t include the specific MF or incentives, but I think I landed a good deal - let me know your thoughts!

Also finalizing the sale of my 2019 Highlander XLE to Carmax for about $400 less than the payoff, happy to pay the $400 to get rid of it as it needs the sideview mirror fixed and is trending over mileage 17 months into the lease. I’ve sold a few leased cars to Vroom in the past and basically broken even each time, but Carmax beat both Carvana and Vroom by a few $1000, making it possible for me to get into the new 2021. Was only paying $329 including tax for the 2019, never thought I’d find a lower payment on a similar car, never mind newer/refreshed design!

2021 Toyota Highlander XLE AWD
MSRP: $43,108
Selling Price: $39,384.75
Monthly Payment: $315 (including 7% RI sales tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $315 + 9 MSDs ($2925)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
Leasehackr Score:?
Leasehackr Calculator Link:?


This is stellar and one of the best leases I’ve seen in a while. Just go sign don’t ask any questions

thanks for the feedback - I already signed on Saturday! After calling a few other local dealers in an attempt for them to match the deal so I could get my wife’s preferred color (white), I got a few dealers not bother to call me back, a few gave me the run-around with their advertised offers, and 1 sales manager said “I’m sure there’s a catch, but if there isn’t go sign before they change their mind” so I did!

Awesome deal on a Highlander XLE


Awesome deal!

I’ve been contacting Chicagoland Toyota dealers but haven’t even gotten close to something like this yet.


Great deal!

Curious… what would’ve been the payment without the MSD’s ?

About $50/month higher

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So quick cal says about 8% off msrp, I believe this is pretty good for toyotas.

Congrats, that looks great.
What would it be for 12K/36 months? Is it $0.20/mile for overage?
What is the difference in payments doing MSDs vs none? Assuming 800+ credit.
Did you broker this deal with Bostoncarconcierge?
Thanks. Paul

@shirleymcmac We did not.

However I have these same #s available for residents of MA/NH.

Which dealership did you get that deal from in RI?

Old deal. You have 0% chance of this price sorry.

Wishful thinking thank you tho! I wonder what’s a good deal for 2021 Highlander xle nowadays

I think I struck gold with the right timing, don’t think I’ve seen anything much lower on the 20 or 21 body style highlander. Pretty sure I’ve seen from other recent posts any XLE is $450+ minimum at this point. Also FYI I typically sign all my leases from Boston area dealers, much more aggressive vs RI dealers in my experience. Good luck!

I’m sold out of gas Xle. They were going for mid-high 400s 36/10 tax tags fees inc. likely going up for June. Those numbers are without msds. If you buy in the New England region msds make more sense.