Best Hack Ever?

so if you have a dealer that wanted to discount one you think the lease percentage would still be there?

i have a 2020 tundra that is coming due that i was at 265 with zero down on a trd sport. owe around 38k on the payout but dont think there is really 5k equity left anymore.

If I’m being honest, if I never found LeaseHackr I would’ve never been able to get into an electric car, thinking it was leagues out of my budget for a teenager. Not that I have, got a taste of it, joined my EV community outreach group, I probably wouldn’t be here right now in the major that I’m in, and I would definitely wouldn’t have the career goals geared towards the electric automotive industry, like I do now


Most my tundra trades are in the 42-43k range currently. So there’s equity. Text and I can check

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That’s some pretty nice deals there.
I have got two questions for you:

  1. What do you do with all these cars. Sell them later?
  2. How did you create a table here in your reply? I can’t seem to see any option on how to format your reply and create a table like you did.


I don’t keep cars too long as I sell frequently and move to the next. But it helps having a couple of kids that are driving age so we always need several cars.

And all I did was copy and paste from my Google spreadsheet.

Maybe not the best ever, but thanks to this forum landed some awesome deals:

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Ok, I’ll toss a few into play… not unicorns but deals I was very happy with:

  • 2017 Chevy Volt LT, $34k MSRP, $120/mth, $1k DAS. Sold it after 1 yr to shift and cleared $2k
  • 2017 Maserati Ghibli S, $90k MSRP, $595/mth, $3k DAS. No haters pls, it was a fun car :slight_smile: turned it in a couple of months after Covid hit. Everyone was freaking out about finding dealers that will accept lease turn-ins, but I found one 10 miles away that accepted it, no questions.
  • 2020 BMW M550i, $85k MSRP, $650/mth, $3k DAS. Swapped it out for a decent price after 6 months (haha)
  • 2020 BMW X7, $81k MSRP, $690/mth, $3k DAS. Just sold to a third party buyer :grin:

Yes yes 100%

What about all those loaner 2019-2020 7 series guys were scoring down south 25%-30% off msrp with payments below $600 with $0DAS

Personal best hacks
2020 740ix (loaner) 36/7.5k $749 w/749 DAS

2021 ETron P 36/7.5k $578 w/578 DAS

2019 QX60 $45,720 MSRP 36/10K $3,670 DAS ($2K was MSD)
$193 a month including tax.
The good ole days…

  • 2021 BMW 330e $47,745 MSRP 36/10k 284/month $2456 DAS + MSDs (if I waited a few months, shit would have hit the fan)
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2018 C300 4Matic (demo). MSRP - $49,075
36/10. $318/month including 3-year PPM and 7.1% tax.

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Not so much the best hack ever, but it was my first hack, and I ended up selling at the onset of the supply squeeze.

October 2019 - 36/12 a '19 Tacoma TRD Pro, $0 down, $0 Due at signing. Free delivery to Miami. $485/mo. (Tax included.)

End up selling March 2021 to Vroom leaving $4276.38 in equity (this was after being slightly underwater for all of 2020.)

Effective Monthly - $234.29.

My current daily, $69k MSRP 2020 BMW X5
$3238 DAS
$638 a month

If prices are the same as they are now in July 2023, I won’t be getting another x5 because the prices now are wacky!


Hell yeah! The great '16 Cruze Limited giveaway + flip to Beepi (and then watch them go bankrupt) escapades! That was something.


I still see Beepi license plate holders from time to time. A collectors item now.

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Sold my wife’s Infiniti SUV to Beepi in 2016 for $3k more than any other dealers offered. We were both sad and happy when we heard Beepi went out of biz shortly after in 2017.

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I sold my 2014 Accord EX 6spd to Beepi in 2016.

2yrs into the lease and walked away with a $500 check.

At that time, I was happy to end the lease early and get into my next lease. Used the $500 to pay my first and tags on my next lease lmaooo.

Leads me to believe how these 3rd party places like Vroom/Carvana/Shift will do in the next year or two .

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IIRC, I leased a '16 Cruze for 24 months @$80/month (which included over $1,200 in sales tax because MD taxes the entire price of a car on a lease). But I received $300 in Visa gift cards along with a $700 Costco giftcard. So after accounting for the gift card money, my effective monthly cost would have been $38.
Except I flipped the Cruze to Beepi for nearly $4k profit. Lol


You can’t even fill the gas tank for $38 today LOL, crazy deal.