Signed: 2021 Lexus RX350 AWD, 51.5K MSRP, $490 NYC taxes included / $350 DAS (PPM)

Contract signed. I shopped my target deal for a stock in colors wife wanted between 11 dealers in tri-state area, found the one who agreed to it. It took about 3 days of emails/calls. 9.8% dealer discount before incentives with low NY dealer fees and base MF. Will post pics once signed and taken possession.

2021 Lexus RX350 AWD base, premium package, moonroof, heated and cooled seats, parking assist, power liftgate, heated steering wheel

MSRP: $51545
Selling Price: $46516 (9.8% off)
Monthly Payment: $490
Drive-Off Amount: $350 (3 year pre-paid maintenance)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: 0.00030 (base)
Residual: 56%
Incentives: $4490 (1500 lease cash, 1500 loyalty, 1000 new grad, 490 1st mo waived)
Region: NY
Leasehackr Score: 9.6
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Which dealer?

PM me after I sign. If dealer wants to replicate this, I’ll let you know.

Nice deal! Good luck with it.

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Thanks! I wish I shopped for E-tron instead, but wife wants what wife wants


We are very loyal to the RX but my latest one (2012) just drives like a boat, we would like to have a etron but our lease is not up for a few months.

Looks like a good deal, post pics if you and your wife decide to sign!


Heh, that’s what makes it so appealing to my other half. She’s always like “oh but does it have a nice soft cushy ride of RX? No? Declined”. At one point she almost agreed on test-driving Q5 or E-tron, but then few hours later went “what the heck was I thinking, we will just waste our time. I want my RX”.

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Thanks for reminding me to waste my little precious daylight to go yell at the service dept. for not fixing my dad’s car’s terrible safety issues.


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I read that quickly as “post pics of your wife”


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

dude, I would never say that :sweat_smile:

Post pics of la voiture!

RustyDaemon…this looks like a phenomenal deal. If it does go through for you and you are in the clear, I would appreciate any info on the dealership and the person you dealt with on such a deal in NY. I was looking at NX 300 F Sport but im considering RX 350 as well.

I plugged in your numbers via Leasehacker Calc and its almost on the money but off by 4 bucks…not bad!

So the biggest thing that I see on these forums that I’m trying to get my head wrapped around is the negotiated selling price. I’m picturing myself talking to car salesman and asking them to agree to 10% off. I can easily see then crying poverty and make me feel guilty for asking for such terms. I’ve read on these forums that 10% or lower on msrp is not unusual, but if they can get you to agree to price close to msrp, this represents alot more money for them. So how do you gauge this from dealer to dealer especially in a region like NY where deman can be high? Did you have to push hard for this? What was your negotiation tactic?

Sorry for all the questions but any help would be appreciated. My current lease is up soon and I will need to get into a new lease. I won’t get grad/loyalty incentives so won’t exactly get the deal u got, but at least I see that I can in fact get 10% below msrp which is huge!

Thanks in advance.

Make them an offer, if they say no, move on to a different dealer.

If you’re confident in your price targets then all you need to do is stick to them. No need to make things complicated.


Good point Mllcb42…but as I read in another post, there are plenty of dealerships but sometimes you want to stick to the nearest dealership that is convenient for scheduled maintenance such as oil changes/tire rotation. While I would certainly go father for the dealership that works with me, I would like nothing more to get the best deal from the dealership that is less than 5 miles from me!

Dealership close to you will always service your vehicle. The probability of your closest dealership giving you the best deal is pretty low.

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Buying further away doesn’t mean you can’t service locally.

Ok so how does that work? With my current lease, I had 3 years of free oil changes but I had to go to the service dept of that dealership. If I lease a lexus from any lexus dealership, I can get it serviced whereever I want? Does Lexus typically include such a maintenance plan with their vehicles? Sadly I’m not aware of this.

Depends on if it’s factory maintenance or a dealership perk in lieu of a larger discount. I’d rather save thousands of dollars and have to pay for a couple oil changes out of pocket than get free oil changes and overpay on the car

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Sure thing, as soon as everything is finalized and if dealer is willing to replicate this, I’d be happy to share the info.

You need to try to get to person who can actually make a decision on how low he can go from the start, e.g. sales manager or general sales manager. Sometimes it isn’t easy. You can scour dealer’s website for emails/phones of sales managers or internet managers, and send your offers to them.

Negotiation tactic is pretty simple. You need to figure out your target deal, the one that you want to achieve. But it has to be grounded in reality. So do your research, establish target dealer discount based on what you see from broker offerings/shared deals, confirm RV/MF/Rebates you qualify for. Then craft your email with that offer and start sending it to sales managers/internet managers asking them if they would be willing to do your deal. But you got to be willing to commit if they say yes, otherwise that bridge will be burned.

My target wasn’t too aggressive, it took me about 3 days, 25 or so emails and 10 phone calls. Didn’t have to push hard at all.

RustyDaemon…this is great info…thank you.

Im doing some final prep and reviews…im still not 100% sure which car I want since I’m still looking at various models across different brands and crunching numbers, but have strong interest on RX350. I havent done this yet but when you reach out to sales/internet managers, are you simply finding dealers, calling them 1st and then continue your negotiations via email or do you simply just send unsolicited emails to these managers when you find them online through research? Just trying to figure out the easiest & best approach.

Lastly, I have 1 final payment left on my lease. Is it preferable to work it into a deal where they take my current lease, final payment + disposition fee or at this point ahould I just make payment and finalize lease end myself? Final payment is due on 3/18 and I still have possession until 4/18.

Anyone’s assistant will be appreciated.

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