SIGNED 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Pinnacle MSRP 55,985

Carvana was the lowest of the 5 that have given a price.

Shift and Autonation quoted 50,600 and 49,500, so this is looks like it will work out fine.

Never done this before, so I don’t know if there are documents I need to wait for. Is temporary DMV registration available to me and is that sufficient for the buyers?

Chrysler Capital is not showing an account for me so far. I assume I need a payoff statement from them when they allow me to make an account.

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Is DMV New Vehicle Dealer Notice Temporary Identification my temporary registration? Can I sell to Autonation or other companies using New Vehicle Dealer Notice Temporary Identification?

Autonation’s buyout number was more than $200 higher than the buyout Chrysler Capital provided me, so I left. Anyone else have the experience with a higher buyout number than what Chrysler Capital provided you?

The DMV New Vehicle Dealer Notice Temporary Identification was not good enough to sell. The vehicle had to be registered in DMV’s system.

Sold to Autonation for $50,050. Walked out of dealership with $4,800 equity check, and outside chance Chrysler Capital sends me an overage check for $200.

Sold just under 3 weeks from leasing it. Sign and drive box was not checked, even though I paid nothing out of pocket, because I think the leasing dealership had put $0.01 as down payment.


A follow up. I sold to Autonation 4 days ago, and the payment appeared today for the first time in my CCAP online website account with an effective date of 4 days ago, the same date as the sale. Autonation paid the extra $200 as shown in Autonation’s proprietary payoff statement, but CCAP website posted a payment that was the same as the CCAP payoff statement, $200 lower. CCAP chat confirmed receiving the full payment amount including the extra $200, said the system is not showing a refund due at the moment, but said it could take a couple days. CCAP chat also sent a request to accounting department about a refund.

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Did you ever rec’d your $200 overage from CCAP?

CCAP said they mailed it last week and it could take 2 weeks before I receive it. So any day now.

I got a debit card as a refund from CCAP last night. The card wouldn’t transfer funds to my account so the card is mailing me a check now. What is wrong with CCAP.

Lol why not just use the card and buy some groceries or whatever else is gonna cost $200 this week

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Never use debit cards, like never put a down payment for a lease.

Finally got my $200+ refund check today. Total profit just above $5,000. Not bad for minivan at MSRP.

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Thats a win in my book

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