SIGNED 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Pinnacle MSRP 55,985

Did I do good?

2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Pinnacle
MSRP 55,985
Selling price 55,985
Incentives 14,050
CAP 45,164
$0 DAS, sign and drive

What incentives were you able to stack? $7500 lease, $4050 loyalty, $1750 loyalty, $750 Chrysler bonus?

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MF looks high.

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Why didn’t you include the actual lease payment in your title or post? I personally wouldn’t pay nearly $750/mo to drive one, but I also have no idea what is realistic in this market.


Buy rate is 0.0015 :zap:

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$7500 Chrysler Capital Financing Tax Credit Reduction
$4050 Stellantis Lease Loyalty Bonus Cash (38LME)
$1000 Partnerships/Events TDM Offer (40CM3)
$750 Chrysler Capital Bonus Cash (20CM5)
$750 California Clean Fuel Reward

Yes I expected 0.0015

I’m thinking I have equity with cap almost $11,000 below MSRP. Most dealers selling $5,000 above MSRP.

I questioned them that it should be 0.0015 and they said I’m Tier 1 that’s what the approval came back as.

Yeah, if it’s just for a flip it’s probably going to end well for you.

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Try plugging it in. I’ve been tracking my van too, but it’s been peaking around 46k for the Touring L (My after tax credit cost is about 31k but I bought it to use it, can’t flip it). I’m curious what the usual suspects would give for the Pinnacle now.


Any you would add to this list?

That’s a pretty comprehensive list. I’ve sold 3 to Carvana now, they always beat the others out by quite a bit for me.

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Never flipped before so I hope it goes well.

Carvana Estimate $41,699, it couldn’t find by it by VIN. If that will be the highest, then I’m in trouble with cap $45,164.

Yea mine is 41.5k right now. Prices have come down in the last week or two.

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carvana has been a good bit lower on a lot of the new car flips lately.

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Tried Carvana last night on my 2021 Pacifica Hybrid Limited, and got a quote for $44,752 in So. Cal.

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Carvana estimates are sh!y when they can’t recognize the VIN.

Try all the others.

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I tried 2 others (I believe it was Carmax and Shift) and was quoted $42K. Carvana quoted $44.7K.

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