Signed: 2021 Chevy Camaro LT1 manual - $39,470 MSRP - $269/mo, $369 DAS, 39/10k

Finally took the plunge for no good reason than finally a reason to smile in 2020 :slight_smile:
This deal required an actual GMS employee pin, as the GM employee price for all program only applies to the purchase of a Camaro, not lease. Fortunately I had one in hand.

Had a few deals lined up in PA, OH and IN before this beauty popped up about 2 hours north of Detroit. The Riverside Blue was my first color choice, and boy am I glad I found one. Potentially had another deal in MI on a black model with few less options for about $20 less per month, but my heart was set on the blue.

Vehicle was delivered to my home this morning in an enclosed trailer. Very surprised/impressed to have white glove service from Chevrolet.

2021 Chevrolet Camaro LT1 manual
MSRP: $39,470
Selling Price: $36,669 (GMS price)
Monthly Payment: $269 (includes 6% tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $369 (1st mo plus some fees)
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00028
Residual: 64%
Incentives: $2250 ($1500 lease conquest, $750 GMS lease cash)
Region: MI
Leasehackr Score: 12.4
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

The sale price on the paperwork is the GMS price, which is set by GM. However they went below by about $867 to get me to the $269/mo. The final DAS in the calculator is also affected by this. Once I get my copies back from the dealer I will update this post.


I’m trying to find the emoji that shows me bowing down to you as the king of the LT1 deals, but I can’t find one :-).

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BTW…nice wheels😁

Beautiful, enjoy!

Thanks. Unfortunately the front driver side wheel was damaged prior to delivery, but the dealer will repair/replace it next week.

Car came with 7 miles on it, and the salesman is pretty sure the porter who put gas in it last night is the culprit. :thinking:

That happened when I got my m340 last year with 19 miles on it.

Jealous of the blue. Definitely a looker in it. Congrats!

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Do you have the window sticker? The wheels are the same as mine (which were an extra $1495 on my car), but I’m thinking they may have been included with the RS package on yours?

Awesome bro!!



Nice! I was trying to get a pin from my grandfather as he’s been with Chevy since before I was born but he’s too old (fashioned) to know what I was asking for :joy:. Didn’t want to push him too much on it and didn’t really want to deal with bringing family in to a car deal haha. Would have made negotiating in California A LOT easier…

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No Costco?

Man with that payment, lots of money left over for Bob Seger CD’s. But it is a beautiful car especially with those red calipers.


Not available on Camaro :upside_down_face: would be $30 a month cheaper if Costco $1000 was available

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That would be incredible if costco was in play. Im at 286 with first and plates DAS on 42k msrp. Dealers in stalling the rocker panel and front splitter today. Hoping for delivery tomorrow.


These are same split spoke forged polished wheels you have. RS package doesn’t come with wheels.

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Man I wish. The radio keeps playing Panama on loop. Not that I’m complaining


You so nailed it with this car! For reference, my car which I am thrilled with the deal on honestly, has an MSRP $5 more yet you are spending almost $2k less over the course of the lease. Fantastically done! I am seriously getting a thrill seeing all of these LT1 bonanzas come through, it is making the end of the year LH worthy😁

Ahh darn. I’m so tempted to go get one since the monthly payment would be roughly my building’s parking charge ($250) :joy: Gives me an excuse to move


These LT1 deals are ridiculous. I wasn’t remotely in the market, but the itch to get back into a manual sports car for under $300 can’t be ignored. Luckily selling my leased Volvo S60 to Algo worked out, as they eventually matched then best Vroom’s offer.

Already found winter setup on Craigslist. Should be fun winter.


I agree…the $395 for red calipers makes a notable visual diff.

Now…if the rear were also red with the Brembo logo as well…