Signed - 2021 Chevrolet Camaro LT1 - $41,765 MSRP - $1200 DAS - $335/mo

Exactly. I have never driven a C7, and I am sure they are great. The Alpha chassis is superior to the C6 I used to have however. The LT1 is just a great value.

If you have a six speed chances are you can see who at Chevy built the engine. All Corvette engines have a name plats under the valve cover.


Amazing! Congrats! Love the white :slight_smile:

Congrats bro, can you dm me the name of the dealership or salesperson? I’m about to go in to one in naples to see what I can get but the dealers out here are hard to negotiate with since they have less competition and many rich people

Update: they don’t even have any cameros that aren’t a z model :man_facepalming:

Autonation chevrolet green acres

Mike marooney chevrolet

Wallace chevrolet

Dyer chevrolet fort pierce

These guys have LT1s. Try them maybe they will bite.

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Nice car but I really like the back drop of a sunny beach with palm trees and an actual palm tree behind it lol

With all these new LT1 deals, I’m considering getting rid of my current LT1 and attempting to get the exact specs i originally wanted on mine. What would be the best way to go about this? Just by approaching the dealer that has the LT1 I want and offering to sell them my current LT1 lease?

Amazing car and deals @spockvr6 :rocket::rocket:

You are just going to have to call around and see what dealers have what in stock and what they will give you for your existing. It will likely be tedious but you might get lucky.

Its not likely that the same dealer will give you something well over payoff for your LT1 trade and then heavily discount the new one as well. They will likely only give you a high offer for your LT1 if they dont have/cant get any new LT1 at the moment.

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Appreciate it! I still absolutely love my car now so I’m not too worried if I can’t make it work…however getting an RS Riverside Blue with dual exhaust and tech package would be a dream!

Have you been able to find any like that using an online Chevrolet dealer search? That online tool at the Chevy website can actually be somewhat useful. It can at least point you in a possible direction, although if a vehicle is shown in transit it doesn’t mean it is actually for sale (as it could be a customer order).

Yeah I actually found 2 dealers so far in my region (FL) that have that exact LT1. I think one was already at the dealer and the other did say in transit

I had an LT1 beginning of 2021. Sold it for profit and all. I was wondering, when I got mine they had supplier discount on my deal and I never gave any code (probably from one of the sales people?). Right now looking around for a deal, how could I get a code if I actually don’t know anybody that is actually a supplier? If that is even possible.

I wondering how stupid of me it would be to secure my lease deal on a blue LT1 now and worry about getting rid of my current one after the fact. I figure I’d probably only have to make the payments for both cars for only a month or 2 max before being able to sell/swap a lease my current LT1🤔

It’s not as easy as it used to be to get out of a LT1 lease. With availability of 2021’s and order banks open for 2022’s – most knowledgeable buyers can get one from a dealer now. Combined with GM not permitting 3rd party lease buyouts, this greatly complicates using Vroom/Algo/Carmax. The best option seems to be to find a Chevrolet dealer willing to buy it direct, recent data suggests offers close to break even… or I would try SAL and pickup a less sophisticated buyer.

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Yeah I kinda figured as much. To be honest, I’m not really worried about making any profit with the sale/swap. For me, breaking even and then getting close to my current payment for my dream specs would be good enough for me.

Damn you Roger! Damn you!

Congrats (again)

We need to see someone up your way nail one of these on a true employee deal. I have seen what the possibilities are on that front :exploding_head:

I think mine was a true employee deal provided from the dealership. I’m at 287$ On a 42k msrp.


Are you guys planning to lease these for the full term? @spockvr6 what did you do with the first Camaro?