Signed! 2021 Audi A6 55 Premium Plus Black Optic/executive $70k MSRP $598/mo $2500 DAS Nevada


Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Audi A6 55 Premium Plus Black Optic/Executive
MSRP: $70,215
Selling Price: 61,525
Monthly Payment: $598 includes tax
Drive-Off Amount: $2500
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00005
Residual: 52
Incentives: 4000 Audi + 2000 costco
Region: West/NV
Leasehackr Score: 9.7
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Congrats, looks solid. Post pictures.

IMG_2001 IMG_1997


Looks great, very sharp in black on black. Puddle lights - my new favorite useless feature! Admire it every time I open the door in my Q3.

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12% off, not to shabby! Enjoy it!


Beautiful Car


Solid deal. I’m actually looking at a few similarly equipped A6s in my area. Most dealers are at around 6% off, but a few brokers are at 10%. I have a couple of months left on my current Audi lease. Hoping incentives improve next month or in June.

How did you manage to get the dealer to agree to 12%+ off MSRP? Did it take a lot of haggling?

Yes took forever going around and around with sales people who don’t know anything. Bypass them and demand to speak with a desk manager immediately. I literally sent the deal structure to the sales person I wanted and they came back and said how does $150 more a month sound?

Appreciate the info. I have actually been in touch with the sales manager at my local dealership. We are getting close as far as pre-incentive discount goes. However, I am debating waiting next month to see if incentives improve. If AFS can tack on a loyalty incentive, that will help hit my target monthly if my dealer does not budge any further on the discount. We are within 1-2% right now. Inventory is slowly dwindling, so I am probably going to have to make a move within the next couple of weeks.

I was late to the Costo party so I am missing out on the extra $2k incentive. I do have Penfed, but it is only $1k.

@ChipDiamond - How do you like the ventilated seats in the executive package? Worth the extra cost?

My gf notices them, I dont really notice them. It’s not a “cold air blast” I guess, but I’m assuming it does its job. In the coming 115+ summer months I should really tell. They are a bit noisy when full blast too, nothing annoying but they do have a whooshing sound in your ear. Exec also gives the under bumper automated kick thing to open trunk, and rear heated seats. Pretty odd the trunk thing is on the highest package. I assume if you have 4 people often the rear heated seats is a plus. Honestly for the deal I got I am perfectly fine paying a bit more for the exec package. Do I think it would be worth it for a normal esque deal? ehhhh subjective to how much use you would utilize. Like I said I’m “assuming” in the summer the cooled seats will be useful, but they aren’t super cold blowing as maybe you would think.

I’m in the Northeast so it does not get that hot in the summer. I’ve never had a car with ventilated seats, though. I don’t need rear heated seats, since my 2 young kids will be the only ones riding in the back.

How do you like the car so far?

Swweeetww deal. Enjoy it. Would love to hear the drive.

I was looking my self as well but I have a huge double stroller and 3 car seats which didn’t make the cut.

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Solid deal. An autonation delearship willing to negotiate :flushed:. I remember a Leah, she is actually a pretty amicable sales associate and easy to work with at Sahara, I remember her willing to match 10% discounts on etrons at one point. I think they’re hurting for sales so that’s why they’re willing to dig deep with this discount—at least that’s how the manager made it seem a bit ago :upside_down_face:. Agreed though I wouldn’t waste your time with the sales associate especially at Autonation dealerships they can be uh rough

The ventilated seats felt great when we test drove during the Vegas heat. Only reason I would snag those, so you may be patting yourself on the back come summer.

@ChipDiamond do you mind sharing your sales contact for this. im in the market in vegas as of this time

Messaged you with the contact info

I just signed a similar deal last week. Your discount was bigger, but our monthlies are similar.

EDIT: @ChipDiamond - How do you like the car so far? How many miles have you put on it?

@ChipDiamond Do you mind sharing your sales contact for this as well? I am in Vegas as well. Thanks

Congrats silver looks great with the black optic rims. Looks like you got $2500 more in available customer incentives than I did with my $4000audi+$2000 Costco.

My car was delivered with water spots on it, which required a work order to come back for detail. After re inspection, it seemed fine. Now a month later I notice there are still some on hood. ugh. I emailed the desk guy he didn’t respond (wonderful) so I guess I will just shell out the cash and have someone remove them. Pretty annoying.

I really like the car. Let me know about the wind noise on the freeway though. It seems very loud to me. I’m coming from E class maybe that has better noise reduction but the whooshing seems a bit loud from the drivers window. Going from a 4cyl E to 6 cyl A6 is awesome for sure. If you can actually get the “Get Started” button to load on AudiUsa after you have logged into your account that would be a miracle. I still cant get it to load after clicking “Get Started” so I can set up auto payments. My gf was able to.