SIGNED: 2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti AWD - $500 per month (incl tax), $0 DAS


2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti AWD

MSRP: $48,690
Discount: $5,004
Selling Price: $43,686
Conquest: $750
Drive off: $512 (1st month + tire tax)
Monthly payment (incl tax): $500
Mileage: 10,000 per annum
MSD: (none)


Congratulations! Was this a Giulia or Stelvio?


Congrats! Enjoy your new car.


Great job!!!

That’s the proper way to lease a vehicle…with little or no cash out of pocket!!!

Enjoy your Alfa! :hugs:



Giulia - just updated

Well done, in this environment especially. The Giulia is a total blast to drive, enjoy it in good health.


What dealer? Do you know what the RV is? and how many months? When I was looking at alfas last month the RV was making it hard to get a decent deal. I’d get one of those instantly if I could pay the same as you.


Very good for this market. Congrats


How many months? Is it with NY or NJ taxes included?

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Before everyone apploads here can we see the actual numbers?
The October MF were .94% Chrysler and 1.35% Ally, for both RV 44%. The incentive was up to $1750 non stackable if you qualify.
If the best lease MF and RV were for 42/10k imputing your data into calculator doesn’t give anything close to $500 after tax.
Or this was posted for trolling or it was a loaner car with 10k and up on ODO.

Hardly. I was posting with the hope that others would be able to leverage incentives from other dealers in negotiating their deal.

Feel free to put it into the calculator if you would like. It was not working for me. All of the details are there.

I am very happy with the vehicle and the deal. Not looking for any ‘applause’.


Good for you. Great deal. Don’t let people be negative. Enjoy your car!

Can we see the actual contract. Nobody leases a car near to this price for the past 3 months. So far every dealer I’ve spoken to and telling your numbers wishes me Good Luck and it’s already Nov. Calculators says nothing.

What negativity we are talking about? The op uploaded the sticker price and posted a few numbers wo the RV and MF for the given month. That’s is why I personally consider a post is worthless until the picture of contract is uploaded or at least RV and MF will be given which I already provided for the Oct.

The OP doesn’t owe you anything. If you’re shopping for the same car and you can’t land a similar deal, that’s not his problem. If you don’t believe the deal is real, move on. He’s not obligated to post his contract for you.


If this post were worthless you wouldn’t still be commenting prying for information….that is already noted above. I’m not posting the contract. Move on.

That’s unfortunate for you but there’s no need to post anything negative towards OP. He got a great deal for his car. Wish him the best and move on with your deal. Just because you’re unable to mirror his deal, does not mean OP is lying.

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That’s why I’m saying you are trolling everyone here. There are few ways you have got this deal:: it was prior June, second it wasn’t 2021-2022 model, it was demo with 10k. You mentioned calculator, have you used a calculator yourself using your numbers? It’s shows way beyond $500.

That’s right he doesn’t owe me anything, but the point of the forum to share the realistic signed or offered deal. I wish it was in ToC to post the numbers before some 15 yo can troll everyone with a dream car in the avatar. What is the point posting a sticker from the car when everyone else post signed contract or at least the numbers.

If you are so curious, just ask him if there was a trade-in involved.

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