Signed: 2021 Accord Hybrid Touring, $325/mo, $2400 DALS

Title: signed today

2021 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring
MSRP: $ 38,225
Selling Price: 33,750
Monthly Payment: $ 327.00
Drive-Off Amount: $ 2,400
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00066
Residual: 22,553
Incentives: 200
Region: SoCal
Leasehackr Score: 8.8
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Nicely done! The Touring comes with lots of goodies. Post some pics.

It took negotiating with seven different dealers, and the love of Sonic Grey Pearl, so it wasn’t easy but I was determined. Some Honda dealerships are far worse than shady used car lots. One dealership said they would take off $5,209 off MSRP then added $4,995 in accessories and stated the residual value was $18.2k. When I pointed out the residual was 59% of MSRP, he went on a tirade to never trust LeaseHackr figures and he doesn’t trust my ability to calculate 59% of $37,580 :roll_eyes:.
Oddly the dealer I did sign with was fully aware of Leasehackr and even encouraged us to double check the figures on Leasehackr to make sure we understand how the numbers worked.
I absolutely love this site and owe a giant thank you to the content creaters who saved me a lot of money.


This is definitely the status quo of Honda dealers in socal.

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Free VIN etching and Phantom Footprints! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Let’s just say VIN etching would work in the meth capital of SoCal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Luckily we found a great dealership. I found the OC Honda dealerships in wealthier areas of the OC were much more open to negotiation and less arrogant than other areas.
What shocked us is how poor Guilias and the Volvo S60 Inscription lease compared to an ES300. I wish there was a thread to refer the better car dealers, in particular this Acura dealer that was nothing but amazing. Too bad the TLX didn’t fit the bill because the offer was amazing for a mid-tier TLX ($375/month, sign and drive).
This site tends to upset Honda Dealers the most because it’s on to their games.

In the mail I received a letter saying they are short inventory on used Hondas and want to possibly buy out my remaining payments, so while I had a few dealerships on the phone I asked about the touring hybrid, most said the trim and color is not easy to find and the payments they were quoting were significant. For the price they were quoting at one place was just stupid.

I like the touring trim but the 1.5 touring is no longer available so hopefully in the months ahead they offer higher incentives on the hybrid touring trim.

Did your hybrid touring include Loyalty??

When I worked in direct mail and had car dealers for clients, we sent letters and postcards that said this no matter what inventory was like.

Nice to see that it still works. :slight_smile:


They sent you a letter that said “please come let us buy your vehicle for under market value so we can fleece you out of more money”.

Do yourself a favor and get a quote from carvana, shift, vroom, etc and compare against you buy out.

I have received them before but this stated due to the pandemic blah blah blah.

They said come in so we can give you an estimate, I said let’s do the estimate over the phone just like I plug my figures into vroom and cravana, and she said we have to give you.a fair estimate, I said you can give me a fair estimate over the phone as I’m not wasting my time driving to your dealership, but before all that was said I had them quote me on a couple of cars, basically they were too too too high and I said I’ll just wait it out until a few months before the lease is up.

I got a quote from VROOM and to surprise it was $1100 over my buyout!

As expected. Check Carvana and Shift too, I’m 2k over payoff on my Civic. If anything, you could ask a dealer to match one of them but don’t hold your breath.

Aren’t you glad you didn’t let them buy out your remaining payments?

My standard phrase was “unprecedented demand,” without any further explanation. The goal was just to appeal to the recipient’s greed.

Sometimes I’d drop 5,000 of the “unprecedented demand for your vehicle” letters at the same time I dropped 5,000 that talked about how low the prices were for used cars right now because the dealer is overstocked on trade-ins because new cars were selling so quickly.

It’s something of an art to tailor the right message to the right target audience in order to optimize the response rate.

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We got the usual $6k DALS with $600/mo payments and a $21k residual at a few dealerships. The crazy part was the build date of 02/21, so the car was not old inventory by any stretch. Now on to tint. I’m surprised Honda doesn’t offer a heated steering wheel standard with Touring models.

does the 325 include tax? can I ask which dealer?

If you roll in the drive offs/customer cash = $2,400 then his payments jump to $392.66. Did not see if that included tax and if you want 12K miles a year then the monthly goes up too. So the Honda deal moves to over $400 a month if not tax was included in the monthly.

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I’m taking it that you haven’t shopped for an Accord Hybrid Touring because dealers rarely discount. This was a no trade, no loyalty deal. The LeaseHackr score tells the difference between $2,400 DALS and $0 DALS.

6k DAS? And $600 a month? Those were some of the numbers you got for a Honda??respective payment of over $750 a month???