Signed: 2020 Mercedes Benz GLE350 4matic $795/mo $3000DAS (AZ)

I dont know what’s worse taking a beating at the dealership or sharing the deal with the LH community cuz some of you can be brutal. Lol… the Gle has only been out a month and inventory is scarce. We have 5 dealerships in the Phoenix area and only 7 350 gle available. I was told by one dealer that 6% off of MSRP is invoice price. I ended up with a 9% discount off of MSRP in the end I know I paid a premium price but sometimes you have to say what the hell. Let the ripping begin. Lol

2020 Mercedes Benz GLE 350 4matic

**MSRP: $65270
**Selling Price: $59000
**Monthly Payment: $735.43 plus tax $59.57 = $795
**Cash Due at Signing: tags, doc fee, acquisition and first month $3000

**Months: 36
**Annual miles 12k
Mf. .0016


Was there a rush to get this particular car? It’s tough to say that this was a good deal when theoretically you could have got an X2 or X1 and towed a 328d behind it if you really needed the room and STILL saved money. But it’s a new Merc with no incentives apparently, so it is what it is.


Wifey wanted it. So it is what it is


Totally get that!

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why didn’t you do $0 drive offs and max msd ? it would of saved you a few grand

There is risk involved with MSD… like totaling the car or if stolen I just didn’t want to take the risk

I’ve totalled a car with MSD. No risk. Got it all back…

An X1 or X2 would die towing a 328 btw (i know it was a figure of speech)


There is no risk with msd with Mercedes totaling the car or it getting stolen you receive the whole amount back… now drive offs you will never get back. so if they told you that they lied to you


Hey trato so I contacted Greg. As you said 2019 x5 are leasing poorly. He offered a deal on the 740i. Wifey wanted GLE so here we are. Thanks

Actually I got that info here lol

Bummer! Yeah new X5 is slightly better than GLE lease on an ex-loaner but still nothing like a 2018. Congrats! New GLE looks sweet

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The only risk with MSD is if you are short on liquid dollars and can’t afford it. You always get them back at lease termination.


Well that too need some cash for the black jack tables


I know I paid a premium . A q7 would saved me a couple of grand and the x5 since I didn’t have loyalty would be in the same ball park as this. The benefit of driving the GLE right now is no one else has one. Maybe no one else wants cuz I negotiated on this gle over 2 weeks. The wife is happy so that’s priceless

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sick looking car tho…Amg exterior package :drooling_face: enjoy it post more pictures.

Thanks man the AMG package is fyre… the mbux is awesome

who gave you the best numbers Mercedes Benz of Gilbert or arrowhead they were the most competitive here in Az when I was car shoping

The interior looks amazing too

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Good call leaving out Penske. Penske owns 2 dealerships chandler and Schumacher. Gilbert is a stand alone. Scottsdale Mercedes and arrowhead Mercedes are owned by same cartel. I leased this from arrowhead

But you also got the sickest GLE350 as far as interior goes. If you wanted to get this car, the 2020 model year was the one to get.

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Happy wife + sexiest SUV on the market for ~$800/month is a steal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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