Signed: 2020 Lexus UX250H; $330/month ($1500 DAS)

Hey All -

Wanted to share this deal that we signed last night - it was all made possible by the help of this awesome forum + Edmunds. We were in the market for a compact SUV (i.e., Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, Volkswagen Tiguan) but the deals weren’t working out well for any of those, due to minimal manufacturer incentives + lack of dealers around us willing to negotiate. Looked at Lexus, and the numbers were working out really (IMO) for this one. Although it’s a bit smaller in size than the other vehicles we were looking at, the interior & smooth ride blows the others out of the water.

Important to note that there are brokers offering this car for <$300/month, but those are also $36,XXX MSRP vehicles; their total discount (dealer + incentive) comes out to ~17%, and I got ~19%.

Details below!

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Lexus UX250H Base
MSRP: $39680
Monthly Payment: $330 (with tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $1500 (incl. first month’s payment)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: 0.00031 (base)
Residual: 56%
Incentives: $3500 (Lexus Lease Cash) + $4000 (Dealer Discount)
Region: Midwest (Chicago, IL)
Leasehackr Score: 9.7
Leasehackr Calculator Link: Deal

Let me know your thoughts or any questions!


10% discount is pretty good on a new car, and I would think that dealer discounts would not be as aggressive on a Hybrid model. Congratulations and enjoy the car!

@Bbqchipsfan Congrats on the car i have also seen depending where u live in the CHI u are subject to a crazy tax rate that can hurt a deal quick.

Any insight on how to get 10% off before rebates? These dealers in Ohio are giving out 4%(Dealer Invoice)

Thanks for sharing – seeking a UX200H Luxury (require memory seats) – MSRP ~$42-43K.

few questions:

  1. How does the Lexus Lease Cash vs. Dealer Discount work? I noticed your selling price was -4K from MSRP.

  2. How difficult was it to negotiate? able to do it on the phone? I am working on this for my mom in different state (VA)… if anyone has any recommended dealers.

  3. How are you are managing with cargo capacity? this is the only item that is making me think a few times.

Thank you!

Thanks! Car is registered in Western suburbs rather than City of Chicago so that helps. :slight_smile:

Honestly, you have to call multiple dealerships and shop. First one I called was giving me a $1.5K dealer discount; got another up to $3.5K, and then had a connection at that dealership so got it up to $4K.

  1. Dealer discount is up to the dealer’s discretion - you have to shop around to get the best %/$ off MSRP. Lexus lease cash is specific to your zip code/region, and can be applied as a downpayment to reduce capitalized cost. It’s directly from the manufacturer so will be consistent across all dealerships in the same region.

  2. Not that hard if you know the incentives, MF, residual, target selling price, etc. you should be getting. Did all of it over email / phone and went into the dealership to sign once everything was finalized.

  3. It’s definitely a bit more compact, and if cargo space (or regular usage of the back seats) is important to you, would recommend looking into the NX or RX. Deal wasn’t as good on the NX ($400+) so we went with this.

Edit: figured out how to do multi-post reply. :slight_smile:

Thats a solid deal, would rather drive a base Lexus UX than a rav 4 or crv. The difference in the monthly isnt that far off between those rides either. I dont see many on the road but a solid deal nonetheless

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Thank you! Yeah, with similar DAS, it was coming out to $385 for the RAV4 and $350 for the UX250H. RAV4 definitely had more space, but the luxury / features of the UX250H sealed the deal.

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Stunning deal! It’s great to learn about car hunting adventures where the buyer ends up with a premium car at a better price than the mainstream alternatives. Well done. This only happens with legwork, leasehackr insights and tenacity. Thanks for sharing.

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Hello everyone I am new in here. I have a question for the leasing brokers. I leased a car (Lexus UX205h F-sport) two weeks ago and I no longer like the car. Is there any way I can end the lease ?

You absolutely can by trading it in to a dealer (not necessarily the dealer you leased the car from) but be prepared to lose thousands of dollars in the process. You can also payoff your lease and own the car outright and then go sell private party, which should cost you even more money. Lastly you can terminate your lease with Lexus Financial Services but that would cost you even more more money at which point you will probably realize that the UX250 was a very likable car in the first place.

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I contact the dealership but they informed me that I have to contact my lease broker, I have not been able to get a hold of him. I put $1,800 down payment and $366 month for 36 months. Is there any other option which I won’t have to lose a lot of money maybe just the down payment.

You can try to offer a lease transfer here or on other sites (swaplease comes to mind, even craigslist I guess) by throwing in some incentive. Again there is no way you are getting out of a 2-week-old lease without losing money unless you have gotten an amazing deal in the first place, which you did not by the numbers you provided. I can see you transfer the lease to someone if you are willing to lose some or all of your down payment, there should be takers for an UX250h for $366/month with little to no down payment. Good luck!

Read the How to End a Lease Early article on Leasing 101. If you got some crazy discount and your buyout was close to the value of the vehicle, you could sell it to Carvana or something and have them purchase the vehicle outright. Swapping the lease is another option.

If I may ask, what is wrong with then vehicle?

Thank you for the information. I might check those options if not, I’ll just keep the car.

There are unlikely to be any options that don’t cost you thousands. You may be able to lease transfer and only be out your down payment.

It’s a nice car but I personally think the car is too small. My mistake, I did not drive the car before until the same day I lease it.

That’s a lot of money for RAV4 though, also it’s a much bigger vehicle. UX is in line with smaller Toyota’s, did you compare the pricing to those?

Interested in the UX250H in the Chicago area do you have a salesperson you’d recommend? Thanks