Signed: 2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport S, 297/mo $297 DAS 42/10K


Make sure you drive it on the interstate above 60 MPH, sounds like you are in a wind-tunnel…and that’s the hard-top.



Same as a Wrangler.

If they’re stuffed, they look awesome, but the cars w base wheels, I just can’t get excited about.

Definitely worth looking on CL for a second set (especially w a 42 M lease) of takeoffs from a Rubi or Overland.

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I was on the NJ Turnpike yesterday and I think I hit 81 at one point to pass and get out of the left lane. There is some noise but it really didn’t bother me that much. The steering at highway speed is what you need to look out for. I felt pretty uneasy until I got used to it. It’s definitely not a car or truck that you can drive passively.

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Time to get one of these…


I’ve considered upgrading to more capable tires at some point, so that’s not a bad idea. I think a tonneau cover is the first order of business though.

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I’ve been looking for the MT and going back & forth between this or taco OR.

I just hate that JG has least comfort items in the same price range…

Nice truck! Glad you got it down to the payment you wanted. I’d suggest some type of bed liner as well. Enjoy!

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I ordered a bed mat and cheap tonneau cover so we’ll see how that works out. I also found the oem slush mats for almost half price on Amazon so I picked those up too.

Great looking truck @ElectricEliminator… I have been so tempted to swap out my Tacoma Offroad for one of these, especially with the deals that are out there. The Tacoma is a fantastic truck, but these Gladiators have a certain “funkiness” that no other vehicle has✔️

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If I was just looking for a truck I probably would have just gotten a Tundra or Taco this month and called it a day, it probably would have ended up being cheaper. But I just didn’t want to lose the ability to take the top off and all that good stuff.

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Rolling the fca warranty :game_die::game_die:, cross your fingers at month 37! But hey if the AC breaks you can take the roof off! Congrats!


I haven’t driven this new body style, but the previous one doesn’t sound much different than this. This thing is all about using the roof/doors off, otherwise get a :taco:, drives better

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Yeah I’ll probably never drive topless lol

Taco with 2020 changes is been pulling ahead of of glad

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There’s definitely some risk here, but depending on the situation I could probably transfer that payment pretty easily if I really wanted to, and even as I approach the end It wouldn’t be that bad to get out of if push came to shove. For right now I’m just gonna enjoy it. Just driving on the NJ turnpike yesterday and feeling how it handles was probably the first time I spontaneously had a smile on my face while driving… Mostly wondering exactly what I had just done!

Get ready for the Jeep wave.

Jeep is more about the lifestyle and that convertible truck feeling.

Comfort is not what it sells and nor does it promise that.

Definitely a true “lease” vehicle cuz you can’t live with it on a daily grind.


Comparing it to what I already had in the Acadia I kept coming back to the same phrase: “It’s better because it is worse”.

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Hahaha can’t justify it any other way

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Which cover did you order? I’m thinking of getting one myself.

The cheap solution is to pick up a Colorado/Canyon cover (5’2") which can be found around $150 (or less) on Amazon depending on rollup or trifold. I went with the Tyger TG-BC1C9012, it fits great.

Tyger Auto 5’ T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for 2020 Jeep Gladiator (JT) | TG-BC3J1060

Reviews seem pretty good so we’ll see how it works out. Way better price than the OEM stuff! I did spring for the OEM mats on Amazon since I found someone selling them for almost half price.