Signed: 2020 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD, MSRP $45.7k, $399/mo, $670 DAS

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You should stop paying attention to the advertised prices on their websites

Agreed but they are discounting much more aggressively than a few of the local dealers I have talked to.

$3000 pre-incentive discount, roughly 7%, would beat A and X plan pricing, roughly 4%, which strongly suggests it’s below invoice. Most likely the dealer is loosing money when just taking purchase price into consideration. They are probably making up this profit by steering the transaction to a preferred finance channel (ie: local bank finance kick back versus corporate lease program). So it’s not entirely unreasonable they would stipulate the finance method at that discount level.

There is not very much markup on this truck so I’m not sure what you are expecting here. If you can beat a 4% discount with $4000 rebates at buy MF you’ve reached the end. You may have more leverage at the end of the month, or wait and see if next month incentives are better.

Current offer is

MSRP: 45725
Sales Price: 42000 (1000 equipment discount and 2725 dealer discount)
Rebates: 3750

36 months / 10,500 miles

399 month. 650 due at signing.

If they can’t extend that price to you, they really aren’t though

You should get a breakdown on the rebates. You are missing something.

Seems like a great deal to me on a $45K Explorer.

2250 retail cash
1500 trade in cash

There is $3000 in retail cash programs for NY right now on Explorer XLT:

Retail Customer Cash (Program #13644)
Cash Incentive: $500
Offer Valid: 2020-01-03 - 2020-03-31

Retail Bonus Cash (Program #13654)
Cash Incentive: $2,500
Offer Valid: 2020-01-29 - 2020-03-31

Another $500 in customer cash programs like A/X Plan discount or AQHA discount. You can join AQHA just to get the Ford discount but must be a member for 60 days to get the PIN.

Your rebate target for March, without trade-in assist, should be $3500.

That’s for purchase. 2,250 is the retail bonus cash for lease. Then there is 1,500 trade in cash.

Also an additonal 250 for select inventory.

I’m not going to use my X plan as the dealer discount is more aggressive than the X plan price. I don’t believe I can get the 500 X plan rebate and negotiate a lower selling price.

Explorer February numbers were $100 a month less in NY Metro. February Ford was giving explorers away. Would have assumed March numbers would have stayed but the programs are gone and 45k cars are back in mid 400’s.

2020 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD w/ 202A and Comfort Package. 399 per month with 600 DAS. Details attached. Thoughts?

Added a calculator link but tough to get 100% accurate since I’m rolling all the taxes into the payment.

Ended up doing the deal. 399 month for 36 months, tax included with 670 total due at signing

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Nice deal! Can I ask what region you’re in?

Central NY

congrats and enjoy your new ride!