Signed: 2020 Ford Explorer XLT $295

Believe I got a good deal, figured I’d see what others think.

2020 Ford Explorer XLT AWD
MSRP: $40,585
Monthly Payment: $295
Drive-Off Amount: $2000 (included taxes, fees, first month payment)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
Incentives: $4250
Region: NJ


Doesn’t look bad but I’m not a ford expert.

What was the sale price before incentives?

Kicks the crap out of any BS Rodo deals, so sounds great.

$37,023. After contacting multiple dealers in the area, the closest I was able to get was $300 with same amount down, all other dealers were in the mid 300s

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Nice deal. From a broker or just on your own ?

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Thanks, on my own.


Any chance you could share the location/salesman? Lease is up next month and looking for a deal soon. Im also in NJ. Thanks!

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Nice job - cograts and enjoy! Post pics in the Trophy Garage.

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Ditto. I’d do an explorer for $300/month.

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Who did you use in NJ? Looking for one now.


Looks like a great deal, can you please share which dealer you got it from?

hi please share the dealer info and salesrep phone . thanks

I’m sure the salesrep would appreciate the extra business. Why share the deal but withhold the info?

Had driver side tail light stop working. Seeing how dealership handles it before referring anyone to them.


I think that’s a great deal. I’ve been looking for a 7 seater SUV myself. What’s the MF and residual?

That’s possible, but it’s also possible that the deal OP got was a one off that can’t be replicated at the moment. Sharing the dealer info here would just waste everyone’s time if that’s the case, and possibly make this particular dealer less likely to do an aggressive deal in the future if it’s just going to lead to bunch of people demanding the exact same thing. Most “good” Hackr deals, especially on common cars can be replicated with some patience and persistence at all but the worst stealerships. And the unicorns are just that, one offs. You can use all this data as a baseline to try and work your own deal though.

Im also looking to get a Ford Explorer… what did you mean … drive off amount … is that money down ???


Which dealership is this? can you send me the details? Thanks!