SIGNED 2020 Bolt LT - $5402 one pay, $402 after NJ rebate and GM points

Looking at the lease now (I didn’t bother drilling down on numbers before as he basically said “If you want the Traverse (which was the car we went in to lease) take your time, but at this price I have one Bolt left and if you want it you may want to speak now).” At that price, it seemed there was nothing to lose so we just jumped on it… not like me but I figured there couldn’t be a whole lot of savings left… happy to hear if I got that wrong. Looking at the lease now:

Gross Cap Cost 44,576.87
Cap Cost Reduction $12,155
Adjusted cap cost: $32,421.87
Residual: $22,856

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What was the selling price, or agreed upon value of the vehicle? That should be on the contract somewhere.

At that price it’s hard to have buyer’s remorse. You could return the thing to chevy half way through and you still did well.

I would consider one but man they are really, really small. I just think I’d rather have a Leaf even though the deals aren’t as good.

Yeah, at effectively 5600 total for 3 years it’s tough to complain about it too much.

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Yeah that’s 10 payments on my S90. Now that one I do have buyer’s remorse, but it’s almost over :wink:

Well… I was catching flak for a deal at supplier and now we are saying a deal, at basically MSRP, is OK? Relative to the other deals which have posted here, $269/mo with $1200 DAS is alot.

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Every single part of your experience is why buyer’s psychology is part of effective sales training:

They hooked you on the last-minute switch to a “better deal” on a different vehicle which happened to be the “last car left” of course. by adding in artificial time pressure, it led to you think you didn’t have room for negotiation, so you probably let them keep an extra few thousand in profit from their 10 minutes of redirection. It’s not a terrible deal and the raw difference hardly matters in this price range, but worth pointing out the potential room for improvement next time.


Prime example of why you don’t shop the payment without understanding the deal. Only a couple grand so just enjoy the car.


How long after you signed did it take you to find this site and this thread?

I’m honestly curious as to how one can go into this process dead set on a 3 Row SUV and wind up with an electric econobox. I like my Bolt, but I can’t really think of a way to say that it checks all the same boxes as a Traverse. With the rear seats down you can get a decent amount of stuff in there. But if you consistently need two rows of seating you are kind of limited. I won’t even talk about the third row for obvious reasons.

I think the obvious answer is he’s getting rid of a kid or two.

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Interesting. Was that NJ? Maybe I picked a bad VIN.

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Long island 11554 zip

Holy 19.5k trade-in value for a 2020 BOLT!! At this price, I would buy one.

I think the overall with GM and electrics - it is hard to envision someone looking for a BOLT in a dealership amidst a sea of 3 row crossovers and macho pickups… It is like going to a steakhouse to pick up the vegan option.
At least when going to Tesla, you know you will pick an EV and not get swayed by a deal on this leftover 3 row manager’s special …

Short answer on trading in the 3 row SUV for the bolt… we have 3 kids. oldest kid will be driving in about a year. Doubtful we’re doing much carpooling during covid over the next, say, 6 months. So the Bolt will work for 99.9% of scenarios over the next year and when oldest kid is driving in a year, perhaps he gets the Bolt and we shop for a SUV if we think we’re missing one… but in the meantime it felt good to trade the SUV for the bolt on the same day we signed a contract to put solar on the roof.

It’s funny to pay essentially $150/mo. for a $44k MSRP car and come here to be told I got hosed. Makes me laugh.

And to be clear, Bolt is 1 of 2 cars in the house now (soon 1 of 3) so it’s not like we’re relying on it for everything… just with 3 kids now middle school or older, we decided to cut the cord on the 3 row SUV that felt more necessary when they were all younger.

It may be a 44k msrp car, but it’s not a 44k car…

You didn’t get hosed. You’re paying $150/month for an EV which is below market.

While it’s theoretically true that some dealers can accept a skinnier deal on a Bolt in certain markets, there is no good reason for a dealer in NJ to discount further. What’s happening on the forum here is that some people are realizing they can get the car for $11/month, if they squeeze a dealer for a super aggressive deal.

But honestly, how many cars at $11/month do you think a given dealer is gonna sell before they require another $100/month of profit back into the deal? What good reason does the dealer have to further discount the cheapest car lease in the state?

The people here trying to press for higher % discount before incentives when the car is already sub$100 are exhibiting the same aggressive practice that they claim to despise, pushing for a one-sided deal: something that is thousands off for the customer but only leaves the dealer with a small to negative profit. In that scenario, can you really blame the dealer for countering at MSRP?

My advice: if you can lease a car this cheap, but the dealer still makes a healthy profit margin, everybody wins. But if you see a $150 payment at 3% off and press for 12% off, even though you can’t find a cheaper comparable car anywhere, just because you think the dealer could be more aggressive, you’re setting yourself up for a hostile transaction.

IMO, supplier pricing or below in NJ on this car starts getting into the territory where the car is so cheap, it will sell. At ~3% off, this is one of the cheapest cars anyone can lease in NJ. I predict the inventory will easily go to people that see value in the Bolt at that payment, and dealers won’t need to respond to people asking for more % off because the cars will sell out before they have a chance to lower the price.

I’m not saying that LH members can’t beat this Supplier+Costco+Conquest+CHARGEUP deal at around $133/month effective, but I am saying that, given the inventory levels of the Bolt, you can probably only beat that price once per dealership. Once someone from LH beats up a dealer for more than that, they will probably get defensive, realize the car has value at $133, and hold firm around that price in NJ for future people trying to claim a unicorn without a good justification for discount.


I disagree (obviously).

Buyers aren’t forcing sellers to sell. Why should savvy buyers that find dealers more flexible with pricing be expected to give charity to the dealership because the car is “too cheap?” This is where the market is at. Dealers can of course say no.

Vast majority of the discount isn’t even provided by the dealership. And 8% off a new vehicle that is nearing end of production isn’t crazy, especially if 2% is provided to dealerships from the back due to supplier.

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