Signed: 2020 Acura MDX SH-AWD w/ tech package - $390/month + First month, Doc,Title/Tax,Destination due at Signing

After contacting various dealerships in the Illinois market, I was able to reach an agreement with one of the local dealerships.

2020 Acura MDX SH-AWD w/ tech package (Black exterior/Black Interior)
MSRP: $ 52,795
Selling Price: $ 37,065 (30% discount, this includes the incentives)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: .00225
Residual: 54%
Incentives: ($7,200 lease cash + $1,000 loyalty)
Region: Midwest
Monthly Payment: $390/month
Drive-Off Amount: $4K (First month, Tax, Doc, Title, Destination Fee - $500)


These add up to $4,000?

Can you post your lease agreement with the numbers?

Is your 30% discount including incentives in it?

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Lol my thoughts exactly!

Unfortunately, yes :frowning:

First month - 390
Tax - 2441
Destination - 500 (not the original 995 because I received 200 discount + 300 in weather mats)
Plates - 301
Doc- 300
CCT/CRV - 40


Your sell price already includes the trunk $ and the conquest incentive. Might want to update it to what it is before those.

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What was your discount pre incentive? Just by going off your deal sheet, in the 12-13% off.

Do u mind disclosing which dealer/salesman in illinois?


Hey I was wondering if you can pm me the salesperson and phone number or dealership where u got this from. I would jump on it right away. Thanks

how did you go from 53k msrp to 46 before incentives?

What do you mean? It is the discounted price by the dealer.

Hello dloco,

I appreciate you sharing the information on your MDX deal as it is serving as a target for the deal I’m trying to secure on a similar 2020 MDX SH-AWD w/tech package. Thus far I have not had any success even though I’m in the same Chicago market. I’ve expanded my search into the metro Detroit market (I’m in southwest Michigan) and one particular dealer has reverse engineered the figures in order to arrive at your payment of $390/mo.

To help me respond to the fellow at the dealership I’m hoping that you can share a few more bits of info. The lease sheet you posted is very helpful, but I’m wondering whether it includes a few items: the original MSRP of $52,795, the money factor of .00225 and a list of the capitalized cost reduction items that total $11,718. I’ve never leased a vehicle and I’m trying to dissect the whole process. If you wouldn’t mind posting another snapshot of the lease sheet I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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What dealership? I’m in Milwaukee and have been reaching out to Chicago area.

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Did you ever have any luck? I’m in the same market.

Not really. Muller’s almost got me. They quoted me something like 370. I asked multiple times about the discount breakdown and they assured me it was good but it had every rebate available. Morton Grove was the next lowest. Somewhere in the low 400s. I recently sold my Lincoln, losing the conquest and decided to skip on the MDX.