SIGNED 2019 Toyota Highlander SE - PNW


I’m sure it could be obtained with far better conditions in CA or on the East Coast. I’m still pretty darn happy with my result considering:

  • Seattle Metro - Toyota doesn’t need to stress to sell here
  • 10.6% car sales tax where I live
  • Seattle metro insane tabs and licence fees

I still managed to fit within 1% all included. Effective monthly: $444.86

2019 Toyota Highlander SE Nightshade Special Edition, black on black
I’m unable to reproduce the exact numbers in the calculator but the highlights are below:

MSRP: $45,213
**Selling Price: $40,700
**Monthly Payment: $442.08
**Cash Due at Signing: $542.08

**Annual Mileage:12000
**MF: don’t know
**Residual: 64%

**Region: PNW - Seattle nanny area
**Leasehackr Score: somewhere around 9.0

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Looks like a decent deal for the PNW on a higher MSRP SE. Well done!

Agreed. Toyota of Olympia tempted me over the weekend as well with an offer on an XLE at 11-12% off MSRP. One of the better deals for the area on a 3 row SUV right now. Had I bothered to try for the same discount on an SE, I may have just gone through with it.

10% tax on cars. Good lord. Those blue states have run amok …

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No state income tax though…

I was surprised as well to see that the SE was getting better deals than XLE. Limited was a total crap and than again the Platinum gets quite good ones but you likely wouldn’t fit in 1%. SE was my pick by looks regardless.

They’ll always screw you over in one way or another. It hurts on cars but lets you save a lot if you pay no tax on income and make bigger purchases over internet from places that do not collect WA sales tax (essentially anywhere but ebay and amazon). Unfortunately impossible to apply with vehicles.

PA is 9-11% tax depending on county, AND we get dinged for state income tax as well.

Can you share the dealer you went through? I’m also in the Seattle area and looking for a Highlander SE.

Toyota of Bellevue, you can see their name in the picture. I’ll PM you contact info to the person I worked with.

Oh man! I feel stupid to not have seen the license plate! I saw the Kasala so I knew it was either Bellevue or Seattle.