Toyota Highlander SE Input requested. See most recent reply

Looking at 2019 Highlander SE AWDs in NorCal

Trying to negotiate sales price
MSRP 43k
Sales Price 39500
Rebate/cap reduction 1500
Residual was 28k
MF .00147

EDITed post See recent reply with dealer worksheet for input

You cannot negotiate below the buyrate MF.

What should I be trying to do here then?
Residual and sales price? Any other levers?

RV is not negotiable. I recommend reading the Leasing 101 article to have a better understanding of how leases work.


it seems like you’re not satisfy with the monthly payment. What you can do is putting MSDs to lower MF though but not negotiate to lower it like Jon said

Thank you.Got it.
Residual and MF are set.

So my only levers are:
Negotiate a lower selling price → working on this right now, hoping to get $37.5 or 38k
Use MSDs

38k on a 43k MSRP good for the Highlander SE?

Just a hint, there’s room for more. My deal from last weekend obtained in a little less competitive market, link below. If you do not feel 100% comfortable with all the details and factors of the lease you can always consider negotiating just flat monthly rate without focusing on any of the particular components and leave all the technicalities to the dealer. Just double check that the final number you’ll pay match your goal.

edit: comparing and judging by the rough numbers they may be marking up your MF as your car has lower price and higher payment… interesting…

Had several dealers say they can’t do less on the MF. And this original reply someone said the MF isn’t negotiable.
Sure I can buy down the MF with MSDs but would rather not.

What was your MF?

Trying to get 5k off like you, but can I do it before rebates?

I’m not 100% sure on MF but I believe it was 0.00072 or 0.00076. I tried to negotiate like that with all the parameters but I was hitting a wall - few “internet managers” have enough knowledge to work it and the ones that do will know right away you go after last dime and may not want to work with you. I found a more effective way to be:

  1. find on cargurus or autotrader 5-8 lowest priced units of what you want
  2. make general inquiries through dealer’s websites about “best lease they can offer on this particular unit”, just set clear drive off parameters so you can compare them later on, I wanted just 1st DAS.
  3. take lowest you got, take 10% off and start asking others gently to meet or come close one by one, kindly suggesting you may be shopping around (works if you are really ready to sign).
  4. once you get to rock bottom ask the one dealer with the car you like most or that is closest if he meets the deal - in my case it saved me an hour each way.

The 36/12 MF and residual this month for the SE in Seattle is .00072 and 64%. The numbers do vary by region.

Helping a friend put a deal together now so the kind folks over at Edmunds helped clarify.

Do you know if it is tied to the region of the buyer or the dealership?

Looking at edmunds appears to be the region. Much lower MF than Nor Cal. Even so can has the lower MF

SoCal MF is .00076

Arent you supposed to be on a beach sipping drinks somewhere?

Hell ya. Just check on occasion.

I might go do this today. THoughts?

Should delivery fee be included in MSRP?
The actual MSRP is 41900, but she included delivery free to get to the 43874

Yes, handling/delivery gets included in MSRP. That looks like a solid deal.

@menotknow I appreciate your feedback. Unless I get something better from another dealer, I am inclined to do this.