Signed 2019 Mercedes S560 - 0 drive off - full msd -12k miles per year

Love the interaction in the forum! I was able to learn from so many different people…

After looking for a few different vehicles we finally settled for 2 Mercedes. My wife fell in love with a C63 AMG - matte white with a red top. It did not made sense to lease the car the msrp was 94,000 I got it for 79 out the door so just ended up buying, but when I went to check it out - I fell in love with two things - the s560 and the 13k in fleet incentives I had available.

I had the option of paying some fees and first payment upfront and bringing my payment down to $960 and scoring close to 11 in a lease calculator, but after doing some research I chose to have 0 drive off and pay the 10 MSD.

2019 Mercedes s560
MSRP: $118850
Sale price:$96950 (18.4 off)
Monthly Payment: $1060 by choice
Drive-Off Amount: $ 0
Months: 36
Annual Mileage:12k
Incentives: 13,000 Fleet incentive
Region: Nor cal
Leasehackr Calculator


Very nice deal, congrats! Your calculator link is broken, you had extra letters. here is the correct link:

Post pictures, please!

I will. The cars are getting the Xpel wrap and a few other things installed right now, but I will have them in a few days.

Nice Deal congratulations, how do you get the fleet discount? I currently have an e Class I would trade for your payment.

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That’s a stupid payment for a S560. Congrats and enjoy man.

Why is it a stupid payment?

Because it’s so good? Duh.

Context is your friend.

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Is this deal repeatable? I really like the S560. I think it’s almost as good as S63 for 1/3 of the payment. Can you share the dealer contact info?

Oh, alright :sunglasses:

hi there -

There are two parts to the deal — It is for a 2019 so it allowed me to work on the discount of the MSRP and access to the 13k in additional fleet incentive… money factors, and residual is the same for everyone. Ge it done!

Marco can you explain how you qualify for 13k discount?

Damn 13k for fleet on a lease?

The regular incentive is 12,500. Fleet adds an extra 500. This the best S560 deal I’ve ever seen. 18.4% off MSRP on a new unit before incentives is insane. Enjoy it in good health!

The fleet incentive goes on new or leased cars

Do some research on Mercedes fleet

Crazy good deal. We need pics of the car!

I am out of town until Tuesday, and the cars are at the body shop. As soon as I get the cars back I will post pics!

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Hey Mike - the current fleet incentive is 13k

Reads like a commercial.

Until there’s proof like a copy of lease showing 18% discount on new unit, before fleet, I call BS on this deal. Unless it was a damaged unit, no MB dealer will lose almost $8k on a new S560.