Signed: 2019 Mercedes E53 AMG Coupe - Good Deal?

So I just moved to sunny Florida and wanted a new ride. I was able to get this 2019 E53AMG Coupe and wanted to see how I did…

MSRP 81,800
Discount (14,000)
Price $67,800
Nothing due at signing except first month and garbage fees
10 MS deposits
$865 including tax

I had a similar M550 in 2016 with similar MSRP for only $797 per month with 10k mileage but that was right before their redesign.

Anyway interested in how I did.

Thanks all


One hell of an advertisement for a dealer if I ever saw one

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Sorry should have cut that out, was not my intention. I will change the picture.

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Deleted Image… Sorry again, will move a personal one from my phone :slight_smile:

Considering it’s a coupe, and an AMG coupe at that, this looks really good. Even better if it’s new not loaner.

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New, 65 miles… I had never done 10 MSD before, but figured what the heck. I was almost gonna do the c43 AMG convertible (72k) MSRP for 750 a month all in, but the e class cabin and extra comfort sold me

I think I got suckered into the wheels and tires program though…although I have been known to blow out tires and scuff rims… only 1200 so not horrible… Really pathetic that MB doesn’t do complimentary maintenance anymore.

Really solid on new.

Yeah, I don’t think wheel/tire is worth it, unless you live somewhere where there’s potholes galore. MB doesn’t do complimentary maintenance, but you can get it for a reduced cost by having it residualized at the time of lease (include maintenance cost in cap cost before calculating residual)

Really solid deal - congrats! These are tough cars to lease, I’ve been trying to get a sedan but haven’t been able to get anywhere close to what you got.

I did exactly what you said and put the prepaid Maintenance into the residual. So it ends up being $865. I def got suckered into the wheels/tires, but I did bend my M550 rim and that cost close to $1200 and when I leased a Jag XF supercharged back in the day, I hit two nails within 60 days of getting the vehicle. Maybe I will just need to run into some curbs to make it worth it haha :slight_smile:


Does $865 tire & wheel protection? Honestly, this looks like a really really solid deal, congrats! I might think of getting one of these myself now :confused:

Seems like it ends up with low $900s effectively

M550 would be way cheaper…even the ghibli from the next door

But its an AMG coupe :sneezing_face: Enjoy the CAR

Just FYI

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Wow the car is beautiful! Congrats man!

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Thanks All, I am happy that 865 including tax Iooks good, I may have been slightly off on the discount off MSRP was going through memory. Now I just need to get out of all this traffic and have some fun with her!

Here is the updated hack score… I am a bit new around here what constitutes a great hack

Without more detail the payment alone seems good for an AMG coupe. Questions:

  1. What was the discount vs incentives you qualified for?

  2. What were the fees you paid at signing. If you paid fees then you didn’t have a 0 DAS deal so why suggest it?


I so I was a bit off on my memory of the numbers. It looks like from the lease contract:

MSRP = 81,175
Gross Cap Cost Value = 66891
I did not trade in anything
Finance manager said they used one of their employees discount for buying a Benz who was not going to use it to help get the deal.

  1. In terms of Fees, I said nothing down but crap fees in my post… to elaborate, I did pay first month plus about $1250 in dealer fees (registration, destination etc). Other than that and my 10,000 in MSD nothing else

Monthly with tax 865, and then I rolled the prepaid maintenance into the Lease and added wheel and tire protection.

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This is an awesome deal considering Mercedes isn’t nearly as aggressive on leases as they were in the past.

Also the 0 downpayment is huge

$1,200 Wheels and tires is worth it in a car like that. You’d be lighting up the tires so often you are bound to need a replacement set by your maturity date $400x4 - 2 bent wheels from a few bad potholes and it’s more than paid for itself.

I’d have tried to negotiate it down if at all possible bit not the end of the world.


My first lease I paid that much for like 50 thousand dollar car. Such a bad memory lol.

Thanks for the reaffirmation :wink: Now I just have to hope if I do screw up the rims it is on the steel part and not the blacked out part, as I do not believe they can fix that.