Signed: 2019 Mercedes E53 AMG Coupe - Good Deal?

So I just moved to sunny Florida and wanted a new ride. I was able to get this 2019 E53AMG Coupe and wanted to see how I did…

MSRP 81,800
Discount (14,000)
Price $67,800
Nothing due at signing except first month and garbage fees
10 MS deposits
$865 including tax

I had a similar M550 in 2016 with similar MSRP for only $797 per month with 10k mileage but that was right before their redesign.

Anyway interested in how I did.

Thanks all


One hell of an advertisement for a dealer if I ever saw one

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Sorry should have cut that out, was not my intention. I will change the picture.

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Deleted Image… Sorry again, will move a personal one from my phone :slight_smile:

Considering it’s a coupe, and an AMG coupe at that, this looks really good. Even better if it’s new not loaner.

New, 65 miles… I had never done 10 MSD before, but figured what the heck. I was almost gonna do the c43 AMG convertible (72k) MSRP for 750 a month all in, but the e class cabin and extra comfort sold me

I think I got suckered into the wheels and tires program though…although I have been known to blow out tires and scuff rims… only 1200 so not horrible… Really pathetic that MB doesn’t do complimentary maintenance anymore.

Really solid on new.

Yeah, I don’t think wheel/tire is worth it, unless you live somewhere where there’s potholes galore. MB doesn’t do complimentary maintenance, but you can get it for a reduced cost by having it residualized at the time of lease (include maintenance cost in cap cost before calculating residual)

Really solid deal - congrats! These are tough cars to lease, I’ve been trying to get a sedan but haven’t been able to get anywhere close to what you got.

I did exactly what you said and put the prepaid Maintenance into the residual. So it ends up being $865. I def got suckered into the wheels/tires, but I did bend my M550 rim and that cost close to $1200 and when I leased a Jag XF supercharged back in the day, I hit two nails within 60 days of getting the vehicle. Maybe I will just need to run into some curbs to make it worth it haha :slight_smile:


Does $865 tire & wheel protection? Honestly, this looks like a really really solid deal, congrats! I might think of getting one of these myself now :confused:

Seems like it ends up with low $900s effectively

M550 would be way cheaper…even the ghibli from the next door

But its an AMG coupe :sneezing_face: Enjoy the CAR

Just FYI

Wow the car is beautiful! Congrats man!

Thanks All, I am happy that 865 including tax Iooks good, I may have been slightly off on the discount off MSRP was going through memory. Now I just need to get out of all this traffic and have some fun with her!

Here is the updated hack score… I am a bit new around here what constitutes a great hack

Without more detail the payment alone seems good for an AMG coupe. Questions:

  1. What was the discount vs incentives you qualified for?

  2. What were the fees you paid at signing. If you paid fees then you didn’t have a 0 DAS deal so why suggest it?


I so I was a bit off on my memory of the numbers. It looks like from the lease contract:

MSRP = 81,175
Gross Cap Cost Value = 66891
I did not trade in anything
Finance manager said they used one of their employees discount for buying a Benz who was not going to use it to help get the deal.

  1. In terms of Fees, I said nothing down but crap fees in my post… to elaborate, I did pay first month plus about $1250 in dealer fees (registration, destination etc). Other than that and my 10,000 in MSD nothing else

Monthly with tax 865, and then I rolled the prepaid maintenance into the Lease and added wheel and tire protection.

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