Signed: 2019 Mercedes E53 AMG Coupe - Good Deal?

Congrats bro.
What part of FL you moved to?

For this model, strong deal. Enjoy the car knowing that :+1:t2:

I’d rather have a E53 anyday

Gotta say the tire and wheel package is a must in New England… not sure about Florida especially with only 7.5k/yr in mileage. I bought a used MercedesBenz E550 from a random person and was able to get the package added to it from the local dealer. I have gone through 3 cracked wheels, straightened 8 wheels, and replaced 11 tires. Definitely worth the investment.

Agreed, I had a 2011 E550 then a 2016M550 and I missed my Benz…the E53 all day, although as a coupe it is far less practical but for a part time driver it’s great!