Signed 2019 Mercedes E300 Loaner $436/mo / $617 DAS

Really want to give a big thanks to the community for teaching me so much over the years. I never would’ve known about MSD’s (saved me $60/mo!) or that Loaners can be leased. I might’ve been able to grind down the discount a little more, but I’m quite pleased with my deal :slight_smile:

I was originally quite hesitant about the 9000 miles on the car, but it just had the A service before I arrived and I shouldn’t have any problem staying within warranty. Just keeping my fingers crossed that the brakes and tires hold out!

2019 Mercedes E300 RWD:
MSRP: $60445
Monthly Payment: $436/mo + tax (came out to $489 after tax and maintenance)
Drive-Off Amount: $6114 ($0 Down, 10 MSD’s, First Month, doc fee)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage:10,000
MF: .00043 (0.00113 before MSD’s)
Residual: 54% (adjusted for mileage from 56%)
Incentives: $3000
Region: SoCal
Leasehackr Score: 11.1 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Awesome deal, if you need brakes just go to an independent shop

If you’re driving lower miles, no reason to worry about a higher mileage fart car, especially when you get deal like this

E class loaners have a special place in my heart. Congrats!