Signed: 2019 MB A220 FWD $42k MSRP, $452 month

2019 MB A220 FWD

MSRP: $41880
Discount: 10%
Monthly Payment: $452
Cash down: 656
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00125
Residual: 59%
MSD: Max
Region:South California

I know that the MF got marked up but since I just graduated this year and haven’t leased/financed any vehicle before so I guess this is still fine?

in this price range I would try to find a Genesis G70 personally way more car and nice interior (not as good as A-Class) but if you have to have an A-Class its ok.

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if you care about how a car drives anyways

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OP already signed.

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whoops just saw signed… idk why people ask if their deal is good after they sign haha


OP just graduated but obviously it was not in finance or engineering because he would have realized there are better cars for the money.


I like the A Class but I order the C Class

:grimacing: 5 series money at least

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Enjoy your Car I got mines last Friday love it but not sure if you just graduating had anything to do with the M.F. Mark up but I just posted mines also :slight_smile:

Enjoy it. Perfect sorority sister car. Its the aspirational sister of the Jetta.


Beautiful interior! :poop:s on the C300 interior

Enjoy the car!

Sometimes, I feel as if I’m the only one who believes the single piece of glass going from dash to console with two screens is ugly since people are paying so much for this car…

OP, enjoy the car! Seems like you will.


No graduating discount as it’s been a few years. Her MF was .001 I believe, not the best. 0 MSDs.

I live next to sorority girls and there are two new A220’s in the garage with alpha chi omega license plates.


I’m with you!

I liked the pictures, but when I sat in the new GLE, I decided I will not be getting another one, hated it.

That’s not a bad deal. It’s hard to know if you got a higher money factor because the dealer marked-up the rate or you didn’t score well with MBFS. Do you know what tier you got? Anyways I can do better for future reference, keep me in mind.

Really? You don’t like the new screens? I appreciate the feedback, sometimes it’s nice to have some consumers opinion to give back to our factory guys.

It feels so plain Jane to me, like it has no personality.

Also, when I sat in the new GLE, it almost felt off-centered to me. I don’t know, I’m an outlier here, but wasn’t a fan.

I see where you care coming from, especially the off-centered comment haha. But people used to complain how small the MB displays are and the fact that they are not touch screen. I guess from a design standpoint it is hard to satisfy all tastes. But definitely appreciate the feedback.

The fact that my 2016 GLE isn’t a touch screen and my 2014 Infiniti was, is something that has driven me mad for the past few years.

Shocking to me that it took until 2020 for MB to put a touch screen into their 2nd largest SUV (although it is the same for their largest SUV too). That knob to type is the worst thing ever!

I feel like Audi in the Q8 and Range Rover got it right. Was actually looking at the F Pace and told my wife I wanted it because it would probably be our last vehicle with pushable buttons if we get one.