Signed: 2019 KIA Optima S Lease Deal

Good deal given the crappy residual and MF

Yeah I don’t even see how that payment is possible with the MF and RV. Gotta be an incentive or dealer cash in there?

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Sorry I’m still “NOOB” on leasing lol
I believe the rebates was 2,000.

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It’s ok, it’s a great deal nonetheless. Maybe you could post a copy of the contract and we can dissect?

I figured (since you weren’t able to get the calculator to work) which is why I didn’t ask :blush:. Solid deal, regardless.

If this deal does get traction from other prospective Optima leasers, it may help to post a picture of your contract so they can see the breakdown.

Nvm Rebates were 7,020.

Lol thank you for understanding!

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Hoooooly crap that’s a big incentive. Curious what other regions and other trims have!


No kidding. @wnstms123 do you know what the breakdown of that $7,020 is? That’s a ton of incentives on a $26k car. Looks like they didn’t make you pay an acquisition fee, either. Did you have the option for MSDs? Seems like there’s huge potential here for <$200/mo Optimas.


Unfortunately that’s all i got :frowning:
I didn’t know what the MSDs until you mentioned it.
Sorry about that.

That’s still great info for others to look into and may be improve even more on the deal!
Thanks for sharing!

Looks like ‘only’ $5020 in my region

The 24mo lease (+5 RV) on these might be tasty with the higher lease cash

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Nice deal :+1:

Same in my region (OP’s). Maybe they applied flex credits to the deal?

So on the edmunds, it says the bonus cash is $5790 in my area while the Kia website says there’s only $4000 in rebates(which cannot be combined with any other deal). Does anyone know why this difference? Is this like a hidden rebate a dealer can offer?

I see the same discrepancy. I guess hidden rebate

I too am getting local quotes that contain larger lease incentive than the Kia website offers.

Love a deal that doesn’t make sense in favor of the consumer! That is a great payment for an atrocious RV.

Same here. Check your lease cash with edmunds forum that’s accurate. I think they have not advertised it purposely so all dealers can give variable discounts (to people who are not informed).
Btw what’s the best quote you got so far?

A lot of people lease Kia cars for 24 months and then buy out the lease right away with a low interest loan. That way you get the huge rebate but don’t have to pay the ridiculous interest rate.

The Stinger GT2s have rebates over $10k right now.

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