December lease options for <$250/mo (Upd 12/12/19)

Not a lease hack but worth jumping on - 2019 Chevy Bolt
Various dealers are doing 10-15k off including discounts and rebates. The average optioned model (DCFC, Confidence 1 + 2) is at 40k roughly.
With fed incentives + state incentives, we are talking about 20-23k new OTD for purchase
I am sure you can drive this as a commuter for 3 years and sell it for 13-15k…
Total Depreciation = 8-10k over 36 months
Avg monthly = 250 to 300 depending on financing, APR etc etc
Not the 99 a month I was predicting 2 years ago but sure as heck beats Steve Wozniak who bought his at full MSRP lol

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Can’t really say what would be under 250 with tax/tags. That varies by state. Texas/Maryland leases are at least 30% higher then other states


That’s I’m trying to put together for leases below $250 excluding tax/reg and some room left for that to fit on average. Sure states like TX won’t fit, but we start somewhere.

Actually until @littleviolette chimed in saying to start with the simple topic I didn’t think about it either.
On the other hand I do see how it may be hard and seem daunting to filter and search through marketplace for such deals.
So we will see


For that price I’d buy one…

Optima S.

I like this thread, I’m moving it so it gets more visibility.


Also like the concept of this thread. Anything on choices under $250 with a 24 month term? Maybe there is something with a sweet-spot?

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Will add it to the list tonight. There still few brokers I’m awaiting for to update their sept #s

Different brands have different sweet spots.
Toyota has 24 months for Tacoma but other not so.
I will add that info going forwards for what spec lease is 36/24 and 10/12

My Camry base is under 250/mo also without tax/tags.
Taco sr5, sr, sport as well
Tundra sr
RAV4 le
Corolla le

How about 440gc @ 20% off and loyalty and college grad :joy:

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I’m at 260/mo + tax with loyalty on a cx5 Touring AWD. So not quite 250, but not too far off. 248/mo + tax with military or college grad on top of loyalty.

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Honda Civic LX Sedan

I can do a 36/12 in New England for $199/Month plus tax w first and reg DAS


I didn’t see your Sept Toyota list so I didn’t have a post to link to.
Is it updated and I missed it? If so I’ll update info in orig post

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How sustainable that is and how low below $250 it goes?

Leaf SV

$139 + tax
$3000 DAS

24 m / 15k per year

Loyalty and VPP

Is there your post someone can easy find?
The idea is someone can find these deals without asking anyone directly.

I replied to an existing thread that was a couple of months old. Not sure how to link it as I’m new to this site.

That’s a unicorn demo that you have one of. Not in the spirit of this thread. Also it’s definitely not under $250/mo.