Signed! 2019 Honda Odyssey EX-L $459, $0 DAS (msrp 38,605)



Hondas are tough to lease but we needed a minivan and out of three (sienna, pacifica, odyssey) Honda seems most reliable so ended up pulling the plug.

After aggressive negotiations, working with @nyclife (thanks Quentin), got a deal at 459 with 0 down, no money down and just driving away with the vehicle.

It’s not anywhere as slick as my previous two leases but I’m pretty positive this is also the best we could have managed on the 2019 Odyssey. A few dealers gave around 479-499 and none would touch close to 459.

What do you guys think?

MSRP: $38605
Selling Price: $34924
Monthly Payment: $459
Cash Due at Signing: $0
Incentives: Don’t Know Yet

Annual Mileage:**10k

Region:** NJ
Leasehackr Score:may be someone can calculate with above numbers.


It’s great for a minivan.

But you’re leasing, and in 2019, the Pacifica or Sienna is going to be just as reliable as the Odyssey during the first three years. Reliability should be down the list of primary factors when leasing. If buying I would go Odyssey, if leasing I would’ve tried to hack a Pacifica, more features for less money. That’s just me though. If you were dead set on an Odyssey you got a really good deal, they lease like garbage.


Thanks! I was going pacifica route tbh but then wanted to leave an option of buying it out eventually and in which case Odyssey seemed the best option …


Definitely. I’d never want to have to deal with a Chrysler product past it’s third year.


Wasnt financially better than just to buy right away if you were thinking that option anyways?


Buying would have meant a payment of 650 or so (did not really examine that option) as we wanted to stay close to 450 payment and financing wouldn’t have gotten us there at all on a 2019 minivan.

This way we can decide 3yrs from now if we like to convert to buy or go with something else of we can afford at the time plus can’t predict technology changes in that time as well so didn’t want to stay stuck on it if something better comes up later.


great deal ! is @nyclife able to do this in socal ?

edit : OP is 459 taxed in ?


Thanks, its all rolled in. We’ll be making 35 payments of 459 each … that’s about it


I think you did ok for this. You had about 7 on leasehacker score guessing on fees etc.

We had negotiated a $500/ mo lease on on EX-L with an MSRP of about $40k here in TX.

We ended up with the Pacifica. I’ll update the other post.


Honcker has it for 449 with 1st mo DAS


Congratulations on your Pacifica! And thanks for working out my LH score!

Yes mine is nowhere out of the park deal but its also the best we could have on Odyssey, and you know it when 3 different dealers tells you they cannot even match that deal, forget beating it either.

The dealer I found was a fairly straightforward and gave me the number over email and nothing changed, though I was hoping to sign at 450 instead of 459 but that wasn’t gonna happen not with anyone and not with the one we signed up either …


@hackalease awesome deal! Curious what the cost of your drive offs were? I negotiated a nearly identical selling price last Saturday on an Odyssey EX-L, but rolling $2200 in drive offs/acq fee got me to $495 with tax, $0 DAS. Registration in AZ was close to $700 so that is the difference I’m guessing. It’s a great van so far!


mine was true 0 sign and drive. 35 payments of $459 - that’s about it. this also includes 3-yr registration.

Yes, enjoying it so far as well though wife gets to drive more lugging kids around, lol


hackalease could you give the dealer’s name so that I can do the same lease? I’ve emailed all the dealers in the area but no one is biting.


I helped my neighbor get a 2019 Honda Odyssey EXL with no navi and entertainment package. MSRP $38.8 but after a little negotiation I was able to get him pay $37,777 out the door (after taxes, fees and license). He was going to lease but with zero down and zero drive offs was $480 a month but instead he was going to keep since his wife pregnant (with twins) wants to keep it for five years. We got the Van in San Diego. I was able to get the dealer fill out all the paperwork first so all my friend had to do was inspect, sign and drive. I can’t belief how much technology Honda includes in their cars. In fact while there I looked at the Clarity Electric Hybrid and really liked the touring model to the point I leased one today. I’ve leased MBZ C and E classes (2002, 2012 and 2014 respectively) as well as a Lexus GS350 Fsport and I can tell you the Honda interior is pretty close in fit and finish. Pretty impressed with the design (both exterior and interior) but very happy with the mileage. What was funny they had added a bunch of those bogus dealer accessories (mats, wheel locks, mud guards etc.) which he did not have to pay. Same with Clarity but they know I don’t pay for them either.


Hello - I was able to negotiate upto $470 for 2019 Honda Odyssey EXL 12k per year with no navi and entertainment package. It is true 0 sign and drive. 35 payments of $470. I was looking for lease with no down so didn’t pay much attention to msrp , discount etc. Just want to get opinion of leasehackr’s if that is a good or bad deal?


Hard for anyone to offer an informed opinion without knowing these things


Hey Sai - where did you lease it? I am in the market for leasing 2019 Odyssey EX-L.