Signed: 2019 E450 Wagon 669/month w/tax, 1900 drive offs (plus 7 MSDS), MSRP $76.9k

First off, a huge thanks to you all for getting me to a solid level of understanding with leases. In my specific instance, I knew more about lease math than my sales advisor.

My wife and I just had a baby a few months ago and I wanted to use the pull-in via MBFS on my c43 to get something more family friendly. Always been a massive fan of the E-class wagons (especially the E63). I realize this forum is “choose the deal, not the car,” but hoping I was able to blend the two together as best as possible. I really wanted the digital cluster gauge and there was only one car that had it in the area.

I confirmed numbers with dealer ahead of coming in, but they still tried to sneak in an inflated MF during signing anyway. Finally got them back to the base, and added 7 MSDs. Again, this forum and the calculator was hugely helpful here – I was able to spot the inflated MF thanks to the calculator.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 e450 Wagon
MSRP: $76850
Agreed price: $62,000 (~19% off)
Monthly Payment: $669 (marked up acquisition fee of $1,095)
Drive-Off Amount: $ 1900 - first month, title fees, sale taxes, etc. 7 MSDs (for a total of $5,250 in MSDs)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00062 - .00013 with MSDs
Residual: 54%
Incentives: 3,500, fleet
Region: NorCa
Leasehackr Score: 10.2
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Good deal on a wagon that rarely seems to lease well. Enjoy the car.


Nice deal on a great vehicle :+1:

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Excellent catch, speaks to how you educated yourself in this process.

Great deal on a great ride: enjoy your wagon! :sunglasses:

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Was this a new vehicle or a loaner?

Is fleet something dealer can give or does it have to come from elsewhere?

This was a new vehicle. Just happened be on the lot for a bit.

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Fleet discount is given through a variety of partners. I happen to get mine via employer.


There are other posts here and online. I’m a United 1K, which made me eligible for $2,500 MB fleet over the summer (I ended up leasing a Volvo).

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It would be helpful to know how much your fleet discount was to get to $62k?

It’s already listed in the first post – 3500.

yes it is. thank you!

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fantastic deal , congrats ! love wagons

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Yes, an excellent deal that was leveraged on the discount. These things are amazing vehicles, but lease so poorly.

I’d love this lease in a few months but I’m not banking on it being anywhere near this good and will be minimum $900/mth on a $70k car. Smh.

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I used cargurus to find vehicles in my area that had been on the lot for 270 days or longer. My guess is there will still be some remaining in February, at least in NorCal.

if anybody is still looking for a brass hat, I found 2 that will lease well. PM me and will point you in the right direction. Should be under $600 a month including CA tax with ~$1300 drive-off + MSDs for a $76K+ MSRP car.


Incredible deal!

I found a unicorn brass hat for $25K below MSRP and decided it was too good of a deal and just bought it, but what an underrated car. Got it for the wife, but I could drive it as a daily…


How are you still liking the car? Thinking about trying to track one down…haha