Signed 2019 Chevrolet Equinox LT FWD - 24 month $214



Hey, are you able to send me the details to your lease deal?



The deal was actually finalized on Dec 29th as my wife was out of town. Turned out alittle better since I was able to go and upgrade the Costco membership to Executive ($30 Upgrade) so the cash card would be $700 as opposed to $300.

Also, my wife ended up going with a 36 month lease. She didn’t want to have to deal with registration and getting a new car so earlier. I told her she could always extend the lease with GM, oh well…

So we traded in the 2017 Equinox with 3 payments left ($540 in payments)

We leased the following…

2019 Equinox FWD with Confidence and Convenience (has remote start, rear traffic assist and power rear hatch). Car also came with the $200 all weather mats option, which is helpful.

I don’t have the deal sheet with me but with $650 total out of pocket (which covered 1st month and NY registration/plates).

Payment is $258 a month including NY tax of 8.375%

Term: 36 months with 12K miles a year.

$700 Costco card to come in the mail, so essentially $0 DAS and $258 a month.

Used Decembers incentives and we had conquest.

Shes happy with the car and deal.

im going to look to do a Terrain deal this spring for myself. The Equinox is too much of a soccer mom ride…lol

If you’re in the NY tri state area, PM me and i’ll send you the dealer and salesman’s info.