Signed 2019 Chevrolet Equinox LT FWD - 24 month $214

I had leased one of the 2017 equinox lt’s 2 years ago with the deal posted here. I had paid 172.97 per month for 24/10 with 1222 due at signing and 700 costco gift card. Since that deal was based on all of the incentives GM was throwing out to clear inventory before the 2018s hit the lots I wasn’t expecting to get as good a deal this time, but I did close on this last night working with the same dealer as last time.

The one I got includes the confidence and convenience package along with a cargo net. I also got the 700 Costco card again for this year’s holiday sales event.

**MSRP: $**30105
**Selling Price: $**26667 before GM rebates
**Monthly Payment: $**214
**Cash Due at Signing: $**1st month, tag, taxes, and dealer fee. See calculator

**Annual Mileage:**10000

**Region:**SE Florida
**Leasehackr Score:**11.6


Nice deal damm Florida dealers are making a killing with the doc fees.

Thanks, they sure are. I thought it was high when I paid 700 2 years ago…

I also got in on the 2017 equinox leases. Can you tell me what incentives you got on this deal?

Nice job!

1500 lease loyalty.
1000 GM lease cash incentive.

The lease cash consists of 250 and 750.

There is also an extra 500 lease cash available in some markets. Not mine though. The guys on Edmonds would know if your market qualifies.

The rest off msrp came from dealer discount. It was an AutoNation.

There is also a hurricane Michael discount available if you live in the effected area

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Congrats @Zoder, great deal. I am in FL looking for a similar deal. could you please send me the details? I have sent a PM.

Well lease loyalty is only $500 on Equinox, so the dealer is either going to eat the $1,000 difference or want to redo the deal!! $1,500 is only for competitive lease or lease loyalty purchase.

You paid $1,623 at signing, so effective $282 per month.

Guys please help, getting a 2019 Equionx LT FWD 36m/12k for 300. First month due at signing.
is it a good deal MRPS $30215

Post the details, but would seem not too good.


exactly…not that great

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what the best I can ask?

I see the above deal from Zoder, it is 214 with 1623 deal at signing. was thinking 300 with 0 down for 36 months is a good deal?

I mean the discount is pretty good, but there are not enough incentives to make it a great deal. Plus, doesn’t Florida tax the payment and not the entire price?

yeah Looks like they are charging upfront, that a good point. Thanks @adamcar.

You need to factor in the 700 cash back from Costco which brings down the effective rate. You are also double dipping the first month payment. Paying it upfront at closing doesn’t raise the effective rate.

I qualified for both loyalty and conquest. I told the manager use whichever is greater. He said they were the same this month so he used the loyalty. If he did screw up, I’ll just have to resign using the conquest.

I agree it’s not as great as the deal 2 years ago, but then they were practically trying to clear out the inventory for the new generation getting ready to arrive on the lots. This time you are talking about a model year that has only been out for a few months.

Effectively I’m paying 1384 more over the life of the lease vs last time.

Funny how the FWD version has a higher residual than the AWD. It was always the opposite in the past.

I also have a 2017 Equinox LT and am looking to get into the 2019 LT but have 3 more payments. Payments are only $180 which I signed back in April of 2017.

Does anyone know if GM will waive the last 3 payments if getting another GM vehicle or would I have to eat those last 3 payments?

Zoder, good job on the lease. Looks like a great payment. I am going to try and replicate this month.

Yes Florida does. My current lease is $240 but tax makes it $255.86 a month.

Thanks to @Zoder for this post and send me details. Was in the dealership with wifey and shell be getting a 2019 Equinox FWD LT with Convenience and Confidence Pkg. Payment is coming out to $250 tax included. They’re taking back the 2017 Equinox . Prob could’ve saved more since I know they didnt just eat that $540 (3 payments at $180) but wifey didnt care and was happy with the $250 payment. Just first payment due at signing and plates. Also getting a $300 Costco card in the mail so virtually a sign an drive.

She picks it up this week as the dealership was closing and they had to prep the car etc. Thanks again to zoder for the initial post.

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